What Are Moon Rocks?

What Are Moon Rocks?

Many cannabis enthusiasts claim that GSC is the only flower that can be used for a genuine moonstone; however, we think it is sufficient to use high-quality flowers. Cannabis connoisseurs love to use Girl Scout Cookies (GCS), but any cannabis strain that is high in THC will do.

For maximum flavour, you can try different combinations, such as high THC indoor cannabis flowers and high terpene living resin. Experiment with different combinations of colour concentrates and kief to get the best Moonstone. Choose a flower bud that does not crumble with excessive manipulation.

Then sprinkle these sprouts or quickly dip them in pure hash oil before dipping them in the kief. For the best Moon Rocks drinking experience, use a kebab bowl or pipe and make sure you don’t break the bud in the grinder, resulting in a loss of keef. It is considered one of the most potent forms of cannabis on the market.

Although Moon Rocks is a relatively new cannabis product, numerous options are already available on the market, including THC-free hemp strains with high CBD content. At the same time, Moonstones are known for their high THC content. Additionally, while Moonstones are known for their high CBD content, you can use CBD-rich flowers, concentrates and kiefs to create Moonstone.

Also, you will need pure, potent extracts such as living gum or flower rosin. Therefore, we recommend using freshly ripened, high-quality indoor flowers, bubble hash keef and flower rosin – an extremely potent extract.

If you want to reduce potency for some reason, try using a high CBD strain or CBD isolate instead of kief. If you need activities in between, you can use high CBD strains, concentrates or add isolated CBD powder instead of kief to help balance the mental role of THC in oil and flowers.

Moonstones are flower buds that have been soaked or coated with an extract like hash oil or crushed and then wrapped in kief – a powder composed of trichomes, terpenes and cannabinoids that have fallen from the flower. 

Although the effectiveness of each batch of Moon Rocks is different and depends on how it is made/produced, it is generally considered to be about 50 THC (only an average of about 20% THC). Most cannabis strains average about 20 THC, but some can be as high as 25-30%. In addition, different types of cannabis layers produce a rich bud with about 50-52% THC. 

Moonstones are created when high-potency cannabis is dipped in the concentrate and rolled into a kief, which will take you out of the stratosphere. Moonstones not only look like a lunar landscape, but they also get their name from the extraordinary high that you can get by smoking a mixture of herbs soaked in concentrated herb and made into even more concetrated herb.

Moonstones are also often called “Cannabis Caviar,” although this name is technically reserved for gemstones submerged in extracts but without the additional layer of kif. Moon rocks start life as premium hemp flowers, usually Girl Scout cookies. They are then coated with sticky, sticky hash oil and then covered with kief, resin glands from marijuana flowers, which are very rich in THC, while it is still wet and sticky then rolled into a keef.

The complexity of the whole plant, drenched in full-spectrum concentrates and covered in a shimmering layer of cashmere kief, produces distinct effects that are measured even by the most intoxicating, potent flowers or kifs. WW listened to both the standard Club Sky Highs moonstones and found that the complexity of the whole plant, drenched in full-spectrum concentrates and covered in a shimmering layer of cashmere kief, produces distinct effects that are measured. 

Since the law has imposed a milligram limit on many cannabis products, such as the 10 milligrams per serving limit for foods, patients who require high dosages of THC to deal with their symptoms turn to moonstones for relief.

The original moonstones made by Kurupt and Dr.Zodiac used GSC as their favourite flower, hash oil and kief. From there, it was popularized by rapper Kurupt who released his version of Kurupt Moonrock (no more original title, but I’m sure the feelings speak for themselves ).

Generally, I would pick this type for weekend robberies, so it made sense that puffing the bowl of this Moonstone on the first Sunday morning would have ensured an excellent start to my weekend. Just a gallon of water and place it next to you while smoking Moon Rocks because once it hits you, you won’t want to move.

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