Weed for Weight Loss: Does it Work?

Weed for Weight Loss: Does it Work?

If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably have tried every different method you’ve come across.

Whether you tried the safe method of eating healthy and exercising, or you tried something such as a crash diet, one thing is for sure: you haven’t seen the results that you’ve been wanting and are now trying to find different ways to reach your goal weight.

Some people have been recommending smoking marijuana as a form of weight loss. Indeed, some people do notice that they can lose weight.

Some people find that smoking weed is an excellent way to help you lose weight, but on the other hand, it can trigger hunger and stimulate appetite depending on the person.

This largely depends on the strain of weed you were smoking, but the association between smoking weed and losing weight is not as straightforward.

Yes, there’s some evidence linking cannabis use to lower body weight, but it’s complicated.

In this article, we will discuss all the different components related to losing weight while smoking weed and answer some of the most common questions regarding this research.

Does Smoking Weed Really Make You Lose Weight?

There is some evidence that suggests smoking weed can make you lose weight. A study showed that rates of obesity are higher among people who do not smoke cannabis as opposed to those who do.

Other studies showed a relationship between obesity and the lack of cannabis usage. In addition to that, there has been evidence to suggest that those who smoke weed Have a lower BMI and lower obesity rates.

However, it’s essential to consider that this research is simply showing a correlation, and there could be different factors that have to do with the correlation, such as metabolism (as people with higher metabolisms can handle marijuana better), health problems, or lack thereof, and the diets that people consume.

Here are some other findings that cannabis research has shown regarding the connection between smoking marijuana and being at a healthy weight:


Many people who consume medical marijuana, in particular, do so because they are suffering from chronic pain of some kind, particularly stiff joints and arthritis. Therefore, many of these patients find that when they smoke marijuana, they suffer less pain, which causes them to reap many health benefits.

Cancer patients will also smoke marijuana or use medical marijuana to reduce the symptoms they are facing from cancer and chemotherapy. The less someone’s joints hurt, the more they can move.

Less drinking

Another factor contributing to the belief that consuming marijuana can help people lose weight is that people who smoke marijuana tend to consume less alcohol.

Some cannabis researchers believe that young people, in particular, who smoke marijuana do not consume as much alcohol.

As we know, alcoholic drinks have high-calorie content, which causes people to gain a lot of weight (we’re sure you’ve encountered people who have gained significant weight as a result of drinking too much).

Less stress

Perhaps the most popular reason people smoke marijuana has nothing to do with a reduced body mass index or weight loss. Instead, it has to do with relaxation, which leads to less stress.

People who have very stressful lifestyles may find that smoking weed will help them because they feel more relaxed and clear-headed.

There is some evidence to suggest that consuming marijuana does indeed help people to relax and manage stress better. And, of course, when people are in a healthy state of mind, it also becomes easier to lose weight.

Better sleep

Many people who smoke marijuana also notice that they will sleep better at night. As a result, many people turn to marijuana to help improve insomnia and other sleep disorders.

There is some evidence to suggest that marijuana can indeed help with this. Regardless, getting better sleep at night is always a great way to help you lose weight.

In fact, not having a good sleep routine can cause weight gain. Therefore, it may be worth trying smoking cannabis to improve your sleep and lose weight.

Boost metabolism

Everyone trying to lose fat knows that metabolism is a critical factor in how quickly your body will digest and break down food intake.

Some cannabis research suggests that CBD and cannabis interact with cannabinoid receptor one, which has to do with losing weight and how much food you eat.

Those who smoke a lot of cannabis have a faster metabolism, which helps reduce their BMI.

To conclude with this, studies show that marijuana can help improve factors that may cause weight gains, such as poor sleep and poor metabolism, but it might not directly impact your ability to lose or gain weight.

What Does Science Say About Marijuana and Weight Gain?

Once again, the study surrounding marijuana and obesity is somewhat inconclusive. I said he’s more social that marijuana can induce weight gain since people who smoke marijuana are more likely to get what is referred to as munchies or an increased desire to snack.

Certain strains of marijuana are known to increase appetite, which is why many pot smokers have issues with healthy diets. This weight gain can be an added health benefit of smoking marijuana in some people, but some research is needed to establish the connection between weight and smoking.

However, some newer scientific studies have shown that people who consume more cannabis are less likely to be obese or overweight in general.

Some people who smoke cannabis who participated in different studies were found to be at an average weight.

In general, more research is needed to have a better picture of the effects of marijuana on a person’s weight.

Tips For Munchies and Weed for Weight Loss

Anyone who smokes marijuana has undoubtedly heard that many people find themselves stacking Waymore when they smoke marijuana. This is especially true when it comes to unhealthy food.

After smoking, people suddenly get a surge of hunger, where they experience cravings for many bad foods. If this is you, it is worth monitoring your junk food intake because that can certainly impact your ability to lose weight.

When you consider this, people are often surprised to hear that marijuana can help with weight loss because it is more associated with munchies- or cravings for junk food.

This is because the THC compound in marijuana helps trigger hunger, which is why cannabis is often used as an appetite stimulant. However, CBD in marijuana can help to reduce these cravings.

Can CBD Oil Reduce Food Cravings?

With all that being said about CBD, many people might ask if CBD oil can help them to reduce their food cravings. THC is the psychoactive compound associated with eating more junk food, whereas CBD can help curb food cravings.

So, it might be more logical for people to choose CBD oil if they are trying to lose weight. But, as with everything else regarding cannabis and weight, there is still a lot of research that needs to be done to find a genuine connection.

However, researchers are currently looking into whether or not CBD can help people lose weight or help reduce their chances of facing issues associated with high BMI, such as diabetes.

One of the main ways CBD oil can help people lose weight is by suppressing their appetite. Once again, we know that people may feel hungrier when they smoke weed because of THC, but CBD does not do the same.

Some studies also suggest that CBD can also help the body to burn calories, and CBD can help the body interact with fat better. As a result, it can reduce a person’s risk of metabolic disorders, commonly associated with higher weight and higher fat content.

Please keep in mind that this is only preliminary research, and we need to do more research to find direct links.

The Final Verdict

What does all of this mean? It simply means that there may be a correlation between smoking cannabis and losing weight, but more research is needed to conclude.

Many preliminary studies have suggested that marijuana does help people lose weight, especially the CBD content in cannabis. However, regardless of what the research indicates down the line, please keep in mind that smoking cannabis will not replace a healthy diet and exercise when it comes to weight management.

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