Different Ways To Smoke Weed

Different Ways To Smoke Weed

To vape or not to vape is the question. Weed has been in the town for a good while now, and all the folks who were used to being ‘low’ a few days ago are all very well ‘high’ these days. However, suppose you are still on this page. In that case, we expect you already acknowledge that despite being a therapeutic activity and amazingly recreational activity, weed, just like cigarettes, can cause respiratory disorders due to the irritating chemicals and tar associated with it. Nonetheless, we all agree that cannabis is our favourite exit option in these hectic & chaotic routines. But the thing yet to be decided is what is the best way to consume weed. From joints and pipes to blunts and bongs, smoking is the most common way people consume marijuana.

Though the majority of weed consumers are somewhere in between humble joints, bongs, and blunts, it is safe to say that there are enormous ways to smoke weed and a whole lot of variety to explore. If you are someone new to this, it’s going to be a fun ride. And if you are a pro, you might also get something here to satisfy your weed venture appetite. We have visited some notable cannabis labs for this article, consulted the experts, and considered personal experiences to list the most common, delightful, and effective ways to smoke weed. There is something for everyone.  

What are the some most Common Ways to Smoke Weed?

From all the in-practice methods, smoking is by far the most common way people consume weed. However, there are different ways to do it. Be it rolled marijuana cigarettes (joints), cigars emptied and filled with marijuana (blunts), glass water pipes (bongs), and hookahs, each method has its specialty and flavour specifications. Some other techniques that are in trend include homemade bogs, consuming objects like fruits, corn cobs, soda cans, and bottles with pipes. Enjoy what suits you but don’t overdo it.


It’s joint’s supremacy. Also called marijuana cigarettes, joints are the most popular ways beginners enter the weed world. Please tell me it’s not true this is your first exposure to marijuana; at high school, your backbencher friend passed into your pocket with the thin joint. Youth prefers joints over anything because it is low-effort, cheap, and serve their purpose. All you have to do is use your fingers or herb grinders to break marijuana into small pieces. Then hold the paper lengthwise and fill it with the crushed weed. Next, hold the filled paper in your fingers and roll it into a tube shape, twist its one end, and your trip to the space is ready. Light its twisted end and inhale all the calmness. If you are afraid you might end up hurting your fingers while smoking, you might as well add a filter to it. For that purpose, you can use a small piece of thin cardboard, fit it into your rolled paper, place it at an end and fold it.

One thing is to keep in mind that there are different rolling papers commercially available under the tags of different flavours, bleaches, and fast-burning. Mind that all of these rolling papers contain harmful chemicals that can subject your lungs to great damage. That’s why it is always advisable to go for unrefined, unbleached, and unflavored rolling papers to ensure your chances of exposure are minimal. And lastly, if you care way too much about chemical exposure, you should opt for paper-free methods of smoking marijuana: bongs, pipes, and hookahs.


Bongs are essentially water pipes that use water to cool down and filter smoke before it is consumed. People believe that since water acts as a filter in this smoking method, bongs are the healthiest method for smoking marijuana, but researchers believe bongs do little to help reduce toxins. But it has nothing to do with the pleasure part. Since smoke is cooled in water before entering a smoker’s mouth, guys tend to take larger hits and produce more smoke than that using joints, blunts, or bowls.

How to smoke from a bong? Well, it’s pretty straightforward. Firstly, pour some adequate amounts of water into the water chamber such that the bottom of the downstream is submerged. Then, use your fingers or herb grinders to break down marijuana. Make sure it has no seeds or stems left in it. Now fill the bowl to about its half with marijuana. Light the bowl using a lighter while your mouth is on the mouthpiece, and you suck it all in your lungs. When you think the smoke in the chamber is enough to take a few more shots, remove the bowl downstream to clear the smoke by inhaling it.


Vaping is the new cool in the market. The vaporization method uses devices that have an active marijuana ingredient. The biggest reason why many young generations are switching to this vaping and discarding other smoking methods is that it is believed and advertised that vaping allows a fulfilling marijuana experience without irritating ingredients and harmful respiratory health risks like that of blunts. Moreover, others choose it because it produces less or no marijuana smell, comes in sleek, slim, smart e-cigarette or pen designs, and provides you with the ultimate ‘high’ experience with a touch of sophistication.


Blunts are elder versions of joint. They are typically larger and last remarkably longer than a joint. Though making a blunt is not too different from making a joint, the key difference is that blunts are made from cigar wrap or other blunt wraps instead of rolling paper. In addition, you should know that blunts contain high amounts of nicotine since blunt wraps are made of tobacco leaves. Nicotine is known for producing and building up carbon monoxide, which is a toxic chemical. This is why regular blunt consumers are more likely to be subjected to headaches, nausea, and dizziness.   


Hookahs are more common in the south & central Asian countries where it is used to smoke wet tobacco, which is locally called ‘Shisha.’ The smoke from the Hookahs is denser than joints but less dense than pipes because the burning rate of the herb in hookahs is greater than that of water pipes. This is why marijuana is not consumed alone in hookahs because it will burn too quickly, wasting the plant and producing an acrid taste. The challenge for regular Hookah users is to yield the same results as with other smoking methods while keeping the cannabis and economy in check.

A suitable solution to this is to sandwich marijuana between layers of tobacco, which will slow down its burning and introduce health concerns similar to blunts. What makes Hookahs so appealing is that they entertain multiple people at a time, taking the smoking experience to a new level.


Dabs, also known as Shatter, Budder, Wax, and Butane Hash Oil (BHO), are the concentrated form of cannabis. It is made by extracting THC using a solvent like carbon dioxide or butane.  Dabs are smoked by heating them on a hot surface, often a nail, and smoked with a rig that looks similar to the bong bowl. Except, in the case of dabs, you do not use lighters to light. You use a blowtorch. You read it right. A blowtorch. This is some serious shit, bro. No wonders dabs create the most intense smoke and give you the strongest smoking experience.   

This is because dabbing is a flash-vaporization method that uses high heat for cannabis delivery. And since the dab is already a concentrated extract, high heating will get the most intense vapours out of it. And inhaling those vapours will get you super high in no time.

This must look like one of the most hardcore methods of smoking weed, but in reality, dabbing is way healthier than other methods. This is because the high heat from the source burns all the foreign plant material from the BHO, and what is left is ‘pure’ vapour for you to inhale. No regular flame gives you this much purity in vapes. However, beware that this is a very potent method and can never be recommended for beginners.

Apple Pipe

An apple a day keeps the smokers away. Imagine you are at home, and you develop a strong urge to smoke, no bongs, no blunts, no joints available. The only access you have is to the kitchen supplies. What do you do?  Well, this is where your favourite fruit, apple, and the colour pencil you once purchased for your notebook come into play. 

Apples are a staple grocery item and are available across the country stores. All you need to do is take some apples home and use a pen or pencil to carve out two holes in the fruit such that one hole goes down the core of the fruit and another hole comes from the side, and both the holes meet at the center of the fruit. By placing the dried weed on top of one hole and inhaling it from the other hole, you can get a good marijuana experience without letting the natural taste of the apple intervene. This is also a good way of inhaling weed because you are no more exposed to inhaling burning rolling paper pieces. Overall, apples are a fun, joyful, and disposable method of consuming marijuana in hard times. 

Empty Cigarette

Cigarettes are hard to leave. But if you have already decided to update your game, there is still a possibility you can do it with your cigarettes. Paper rolling joints are tricky sometimes as they come with a risk of tearing out halfway or containing hazardous chemicals in their composition. However, cigarettes are an instead tried and tested method. By emptying cigarettes and replacing tobacco with marijuana or mixing both in a suitable ratio, you can achieve a unique yet comfortable smoking experience. Moreover, using cigarettes will also eradicate the need to use a separate filter as they have one built-in. 

Are there any medical benefits to smoking marijuana?

Cannabis indeed has some medical benefits, and several governments across the globe are looking in the prospective to legalize weed growth and consumption under some regulations. Cannabis contains CBD, which is responsible for impacting your brain function positively. THC is another chemical that has strong relieving properties. Notable medical benefits of marijuana include relief against chronic pain, help in losing weight, fight against cancer, helping the treatment of depression, and alleviating anxiety.

Does smoking marijuana make me more creative?

You decided to start smoking weed because your favourite artist did, or you got admission into your famous art school. But here is the bad news. Unlike popular thought, weed is in no way responsible for boosting your creativity at all. On the contrary, researchers believe that prolonged and unchecked consumption of weed may cause you to lose your creative instincts, imagination capabilities, and sense of realizing mistakes. So, cutting long short, the enhanced creativity you believe you achieved due to weed is not more than an illusion.

Are there any side effects of smoking marijuana?

Marijuana indeed comes with few risks, which are similar to opioid-like effects on the central nervous system. However, these risks are considerably lesser than that of synthetic opioids. Plus, it is not as addictive as compared to its alternatives. The after-effects of marijuana can be categorized into three; Hallucinogenic effects., Depressant-like effects, and Stimulating effects. Other prominent side effects include bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, and increased appetite. Also, it would be best if you considered that the side effects of marijuana vary between people.

Wrapping up

The best thing about smoking weed is that you never get bored of it. With the number of options and methods it comes with, you can try a new method every day of the month and still have a few methods untried at the end of the month. So whether you are in for a quick session, a new experience, or feel like getting sneaky, there is an option to smoke marijuana that suits every occasion. Consider the legal requirements and health considerations of however you choose to smoke weed before you smoke weed. Have a good day.

Remember that the smoke will quickly produce an intense “high” feeling, so pay close attention to how much marijuana you smoke while using this device. Bong is one of the best ways to smoke marijuana because it can boost your spirits very quickly and very quickly.

While dullness is a slightly more robust smoking method than joints, dullness results in an intense and lasting high, blunts are hemp rolled in tobacco cigar paper containing nicotine.

We combed through the Internet and our personal experience, looking for weird, wonderful and effective ways to smoke marijuana. In addition to the humble joints or tambourines, there are many ways to smoke marijuana and a world to explore. With all these options, cannabis users must decide which method is best for smoking cannabis, from joints to gravity cigarettes. If this is your first time smoking marijuana, it may be challenging to determine what method is best for you.

Marijuana cigarettes, sometimes referred to as marijuana cigarettes, are among the most popular ways to smoke marijuana. The ready-to-smoke joints contained in the papers are usually less than one gram in size and have a small and easily tolerated smoking method. Marijuana pipes are one of the easiest ways to smoke marijuana.

The pipes are portable flower smoking devices – small, compact and easy to use – a simple way to break the flower, fill the bowl with the flower, touch the flame, gently let air through the mouthpiece and inhale the smoke. Ideal for travel or discreet use, the pipes are a practical and reliable tool for cannabis smokers. Bongs, also called hookahs, are devices that use water to cool and filter smoke. 

As medicine heats, the negative pressure smoke is forced into the bottle, as with gravity bongs. Light the bowl by pressing it into the water, and the top half of the bottle will fill with smoke. Please turn on the bowl as soon as it is released, and the water will gradually change to thick clouds of weed smoke.

Another way to smoke marijuana using standard household items is to use gravity bongs, sometimes referred to as a bucket or waterfall. You can use plastic bottles (such as 2L soda bottles ), jugs, milk bags and buckets to make gravity bongs.

Vaporizers ( vape pens and fixed platforms) are devices used to extract active ingredients of cannabis, tobacco (e-cigarettes) or any plant material at temperatures below the burning temperature to eliminate carbon monoxide and “tar” carcinogens that are considered hazardous in smoke. Vaporizers are small tubular or rectangular devices that you can use to smoke cannabis. 

Cannabis pipe cigarettes, sometimes called chunks or bowls, are made from a variety of materials, including accessories made from metal, ceramics, borosilicate glass, stone, wood, bamboo and other materials. you can smoke cannabis (marijuana) in a variety of tubular tools, including hand pipes (“bowls”), hookahs (“bins”), cigarettes (“joints”) or blunt ones rolled and smoked.

Many people use vaporizers because they claim to allow users to inhale marijuana without some of the harmful or annoying health risks generally associated with smoking a joint, kerchief or bong. Others may opt for “vaping” because vaporizers do not produce a strong marijuana odour as other methods. However, flower vaping is potentially one of the healthiest ways to consume weed. 

Cannabis smokers have a wide variety of devices at their disposal, including hand pipes, water pipes, roll paper, hookahs and homemade disposable devices; each has a different sensation and affects the level of smoke inhalation; Depending on the pharmacy, you can also find other cannabis smoking accessories such as bowls, hookahs and gas masks. 

Now that you know the best way to smoke cannabis, make sure to use only organic cannabis because this is the best way to ensure high-quality smoke. In my opinion, the best way to suck weeds is to use any equipment that suits your needs and make sure to use it with Mooselabs Mouthpiece.

Pick a solo striker, dab rig or try smoking joints instead of blunt ones. Instead, use a whisk, twist a joint, a small hand pipe, or a weed vape pen for the sneaky smoker who likes to light upon the go.

If you want to get high really and not get a little high, you need to add another smoking method to the weed vape pen, which is the only drawback. A standard way of using marijuana is to roll it with tobacco paper into a cigarette (or joint) and then smoke it.

You can also smoke the dried cannabis in a pipe or bong (a filter device used to control water) and in a cul-de-sac, a hollowed-out cigar to replace tobacco with marijuana or a combination of tobacco and marijuana. Finally, you can roll dried cannabis into a joint or cigar called a blunt.

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