Shatter Vs Budder

shatter vs budder

Shatter Vs Budder

Did you know that many marijuana users are shifting to using concentrates such as shatter and budder? Live resin is the most potent and aromatic concentrate that beats both shatter and budder. However, does this mean users shouldn’t bother with shatter and budder favouring the more superior live resin?

We are going to take a look into the different cannabis concentrates in the market today. Our goal is to inform you of the various ways concentrates are made, with a clear focus on shatter and budder. In addition, we are interested in showcasing how they are extracted, preserved, consumed, and, most importantly – their effects on the user.

Despite their various strengths and weaknesses, the choice between shatter and budder will boil down to preference and experience. You should note that extracting these concentrates requires a professionally licensed individual. This is because the production processes can be hazardous due to flammable solvents and skin irritating substances.

The various types of cannabis concentrate

Cannabis concentrates are extractions from the cannabis plant formed by distilling down all the most effective ingredients, leaving all the excess parts. The result of these extraction processes is a concentrate that has all the cannabinoids and terpenes of the marijuana plant without any extra non-beneficial ingredients.

Cannabis concentrates are created by maximizing all the cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis flower. Therefore, you will be able to fully experience the taste, aroma, and effects of a given strain if you use its concentrates instead of smoking the raw cannabis flower. 

With that in mind, extractors of cannabis concentrates have experimented with different concentrates to provide specified effects. Examples of these cannabis concentrates include live resin, shatter, and budder.

These concentrates are made through various means, some involving using solvents while others entail mechanical means. We will dive deeper into how shatter and budder are made using specialized means later on in this article. Many agencies and companies use solvents such as butane, CO2, and ethanol to make the concentrates. CO2 is the most preferred since it allows for a more clean and pure process.

Solvent extractions are usually done by soaking the cannabis plant materials in a solvent bath. The purpose of this process is to get rid of all the solid plant material. After this process, you will be left with oils that will be purged to remove the accumulated solvents. The eventual product is a concentrate full of cannabinoids and trichomes with zero plant material like flowers or stems.

Concentrates also provide a unique way of consumption through vaping and dabbing. Dabbing is the most popular way of consuming concentrates, but you can also opt for vape pens, topicals, edibles, and tinctures. Dabbing will provide a more intense and fast-acting high as compare to the other methods of consumption.

Properties of shatter vs. budder properties

Source: Weedmaps

Known for its appearance, shatter might be the most striking concentrate between the two. It has a glassy appearance with colours varying from bright honey-like yellow to dark yellow. In addition, it is translucent and has thin dimensions that make it easy to break or shatter, hence its name.

Like shatter, budder is named for its appearance and texture. Budder is a cannabis concentrate that features a fluffy form that is similar to that of butter. In addition, its texture and colour are equivalent to that of butter and can be scooped similarly. These properties make it the best concentrate for novice users since it is easy to smoke.

Most people will smoke these concentrates by dabbing. Budder is a better concentrate in this regard due to its malleable texture. Shatter can be hard for inexperienced users to consume because it’s prone to shattering and breaking with the slightest mishandling.

Another difference in their properties lies in the effects of production. They use different production processes to achieve their various textures. For example, Budder is made from oils that have been whipped like cake batter to create a malleable butter-like texture. On the other hand, Shatter goes through multiple filtration and purification stages to give it its crystal-like structure.

The shatter production processes are great at giving it its exquisite structure but deprives the concentrate of more terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. The result is a concentrate with fewer flavours and low bodily effects. The processes used in making budder enrich it with high terpene concentration making it one of the tastiest, flavourful, and aromatic concentrates.

Budder concentrates are ranked behind live resin when it comes to potency and aromatic high. On the other hand, shatter is on the lower side when it comes to potency and flavours. This is one of the clear distinctions between the two since they are made to serve different purposes.

Effects of shatter vs. budder

How shatter or budder affects your body will be the number one deciding factor on which of the two is better for you. Users want different experiences regarding weed since the plant can provide a variety of bodily sensations and highs.

Cannabis concentrates are tailored to provide specialized experiences. Whether you want a calming high, an uplifting and blissful high, or just a therapeutic hone, these concentrates got you covered. Their effects may vary with the amount you take since the more you consume, the more cannabinoids enter your body.

For shatter concentrates, users will usually experience a form of active and uplifting high suitable for those who want to be up and about. Therefore, the concentrate is best for dancing, singing, playing games, and other active events. In addition, you will find yourself filled with a sense of bliss and joy with shatter concentrates since they have low amounts of cannabinoids.

Budder concentrates are tailored to provide a very different experience. Partly attributed to its high terpene count, budder provides a more aromatic, flavorful, and soothing experience when compared to shatter. The effects and experience will vary from strain to strain, but you should expect a calming effect with budder for a rule of thumb.

Budder is awesome for a relaxed day at home, in a quiet space with little to no activity. However, you may find yourself feeling dizzy and sleepy quite quickly when you use budder instead of shatter. Shatter will amplify your energy and make you more active than usual. With that in mind, budder is highly recommended for users who want to have a great night’s sleep and soothe their mind and body.

How to make shatter vs. budder

Source: Weedmaps

You can either use the solventless extraction methods or stick to the solvent methods. Most companies prefer using the solvent method since it is fast and effective at accumulating the cannabis plant’s psychoactive compounds.

For shatter concentrates, you will need raw uncut marijuana, extractor, solvent (preferably butane), double boiler and hot electric range, a dish to collect the shatter, parchment paper, and razor blades. Start by filling the extractor with raw uncut marijuana. Then, proceed to saturate the weed with the solvent. The extractor has bottom holes. Therefore, pouring the solvent on the top will cause a thick green-brown oil to drip from the bottom into the collecting dish.

Put the dish with the accumulated oil in a boiler and place it in a hot electric range. Let the liquid evaporate. After some time, the solvent will evaporate, leaving the concentrate. You can use a vacuum pump topo purge any excess solvent left on the concentrate.

The difference between the shatter-making procedure with that of budder is the purification stage. During the purification stage in making budder, the oil is whipped to create a frosting-like texture that distinguishes it from shatter.

How to consume shatter vs. budder

Like any other concentrates, you can use shatter and budder edibles, smoke them by vaping, dabbing, or using tinctures. The mode of consumption will usually boil down to preference and experience. As mentioned earlier, the most preferred and recommended mode of consumption is dabbing with a dab rig.

For dabbing, you will need a dab rig, a dab tool for breaking down the shatter, a torch for heating, and a carb cap. The process starts with a simple scoop of the concentrate using the dap tool/dabber and then heating the dab rig. When the rig gets hot, proceed to wait for a few seconds before placing the dab into the banger before inhaling. Next, the carb cap is used to cover the banger for continuous use.

For vaping, all you would need is a specialized vape pen. You can also add the concentrates to your meal by making edibles or adding them as oil or butter. Any consumption process that entails further processes, such as heat, can greatly reduce the concentration of terpenes in the concentrate. Keep this in mind when you are choosing how to take the concentrates.

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