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How it works:

For each $1 spent at the store you gain 1 point. Points can be used at checkout to reduce the cost of your next purchase! Points have a 7% redemption value (e.g. 100 points = $7 value) and can be applied at checkout to get your discount!

How Do you get more points?

Points can be gained through making purchases, however extra points can be earned by leaving reviews ($0.50 per comment), registering an account ($5 in points), referring friends ($15 in points) and when friends make purchases themselves ($15 in points to your referral on their first purchase, and $3 to you for their purchases).

Get More Points

Bonus Points Throughout the Store

After receiving your goods, head back over to our website to leave a review and you’ll receive $2 in points per verified product review.

By leaving reviews on other platforms, you can earn up to $30 in points per order.

Reddit (r/MOMpics)
Discord (Hglow Review Hub, Link: https://discord.gg/sAsksZkspU)
CanadianMOMs Forum; and
Instagram (tag us in a post or story with a brief review on a public account) **earn double points per post**.
You’ll earn 100 points per review on each of the eligible platforms. Once you’ve left four reviews on the eligible platforms, review a product on our site to earn a bonus of 100 points

To receive your points, please send us an email at rewards@highglowco.com with following information:

Direct links to your reviews; and
Your username(s).
Once reviewed and confirmed by our staff, you will receive an email updating you that your account has been credited with the equivalent number of points.

Please note: there is a limit of 1 review per platform, per order. This prevents the platforms from being flooded by reviews of the same user and allows others for a chance to earn points through reviews.

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