Reimagining Cart Functionality: Versatility, Convenience, Safety, and Performance

Using Q Carts Properly

The cart is lightweight and assembles in seconds with no tools required. It is designed to hold your Weber Q series grill at the optimal cooking height. It also features a rear panel for hiding a 20-pound LP tank with adapter hose.

The cue cart has touchscreen buttons that apply relative fades (+/- 3 dB) to the cue numbered MUSIC in Cue List 2. It also has two cues with second trigger actions.

1. Versatility

Q Follow is a cart unlike any other, with full remote capability to send your trolley to the next tee or to meet you after searching for your ball in the rough, saving you time and energy. It also handles hilly courses far better than any other cart, thanks to a more stable design and a smart new battery that gives you full control of your cart, no matter where you are on the course.

Its unique surface is hand-painted by a professional artist, giving each cart a one-of-a-kind look and feel. The design also allows for a wide range of accessories, including a poly cutting board, binder holder and sneeze shield, to make it even more functional.

The cart folds and unfolds extremely easily. It takes only seconds to get the cart ready to go. The main bag stand and handlebars are both on hinges that can be pushed down, so the cart folds up into itself in a way similar to a standard push cart.

2. Convenience

Whether residents want to eat lunch on the patio or snack in their rooms, our Suzy Q cart system allows them to choose how and when they want to eat. Our system also helps you reduce food costs with individualized serving sizes, hotter food, and less waste.

According to a recent survey, users put up with additional costs for the convenience of quick-delivery services. For example, 44% of German and French respondents consider a EUR2 surcharge for a shopping cart worth EUR20 to be acceptable.

Unlike some golf carts that can feel jerky when driving them, the Stewart Golf Q Follow unfolds and operates like a traditional push cart. Its retractable stabilizer and dual-bearing, free rolling wheels provide supreme natural balance. Our SmartPower lithium battery offers a long-lasting, reliable performance. A variety of accessory packages allow you to customize the cart for your facility’s workflow needs. The carts also fold and compact easily for transport.

3. Safety

Carts can greatly facilitate work in factories, facilities and warehouses by making it easier to carry, transport, move or present a wide range of heavy items like pallets, boxes & bins and containers. However, if they are used improperly, they can also pose certain safety risks.

Ensure that nothing hangs off any of the sides. Anything that extends beyond the sides can cause injury to people who stand near it as they maneuver through tight doorways or along walls and equipment. This can result in nicks, contusions, scratches, serious cuts and other injuries.

The wheels and casters of the cart should be lubricated regularly to lower its starting and rolling resistance, which can strain muscles and joints. Additionally, the handle height should be adjusted according to the user’s needs and positioning. Research published in Safety and Health at Work suggests that handles should accommodate a range of grip positions between a person’s hip and shoulder height.

4. Performance

A cart is a non-linear collection of cues that can be operated without regard to sequence. They have no playhead, and are displayed in a grid-like layout designed for easy mouse clicking. The Grid Size tab offers twelve options for the number of rows and columns to display. When a cart is full, it is not deleted; instead its cues are hidden from view until you select a smaller grid size.

The Suzy Q cart system enables better meal service in retirement and care homes by providing residents with control, open communication and significant food cost savings through individualized serving sizes and hotter meals. It also fits through most doorways and elevators, with a Mini model available for even narrow spaces.

The lightweight but incredibly strong monocoque chassis, main support and handle of the Q Follow are made of industry-first microcellular composite material. Every cart is unique with a variety of surface finishes to choose from. With up to a 50-yard range and full Remote capability, you can easily guide the cart to the next tee or around the green with your handheld device.

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