Magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms are a type of psychedelic mushrooms. They are an entheogen and are used for recreational or ritual purposes. There are many different varieties of psilocybin magic mushrooms, including mazatapec, cubensis, and liberty caps. Magic mushrooms typically grow in temperate climates, but are now farmed all over the world.

Magic mushrooms have been used for centuries, so it is no surprise that they have been combined with chocolate, gummies, tea and more, just as cannabis has.

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How to Buy Magic Mushrooms?

Buying shrooms online is easy, you simply have to know which site you need to go on. Most of these are online sites and they can ship them to your home. They will also tell you how much it will cost for shipping. It’s always better if you have a package tracking number so that you know when it is due for delivery.

Magic mushrooms, unlike drugs that have side effects, do not have a physical dependency. Psilocybin does not lead to tolerance increase with repeated use, which means the drug does not require a higher dose each time you do. However, there is a psychological addiction when it comes to magic mushrooms and the effect of your high may be harder and harder to reach each time the user tries the drug recreationally. Magic mushrooms are a very strong psychedelic that will affect your whole mind, so be careful.

There are a few things to know about magic mushrooms. These include their effects, your body’s tolerance and the ways to get high. The effects of magic mushrooms depend on many factors including how pure they are and how much they you take in at one time. The average micro-dose of psilocybin is anywhere from 200-500 milligrams, whereas a shroom “trip” is a dose anywhere from 1-5 grams.

How to Take Shrooms?

Shrooms can be consumed straight, as dried mushrooms, mixed into tea or any other liquid substance, via capsules, sprinkled on some food or eaten with food.

Dried magic mushrooms don’t taste very good, which is why people often mix them with something. Although there are some who enjoy the taste of mushrooms, which shrooms have a strong flavour of so they go well with cooking.

The most important thing is understanding the dosage you are taking. Taking shrooms can be intimidating, so it is always recommended that you start off with a low dose and work your way up. Anyone who is new to magic mushrooms should not consume more than 1 gram in a single dose.

The effects will only begin to kick in when the dosage reaches 200 milligrams. So if you are under 200 milligrams, you won’t feel anything. If you have a tolerance to drugs, it may take up to 500 milligrams to feel the effects. But rest assured, even a 100 mg microdose has benefits, you just won’t feel anything obvious right away.

What are the effects of Psilocybin?

The effects of psilocybin are something that cannot be missed. You will see, hear and feel things that other people around you cannot. Everything will appear to be different, even colours and sounds. Your senses are heightened, but your mind is altered. You may experience hallucinations or other altered reality in high doses.

The effects are often described as being similar to those of LSD or MDMA. After the effects begin to kick in, it is only up to 15-20 minutes before they peak, which can last for around 5 hours or more depending on the dosage taken.

Physical effects of magic mushrooms are dizziness, blurred vision, dry mouth and more, but these won’t impede your experience. The only common downside is nausea, similar to eating rich or old foods which may not be sitting right.

How Long Does Psilocybin Last?

The effects usually last for between 3-6 hours but it varies greatly depending on the source of your magic mushroom product and your overall health condition. Redosing is an option with mushrooms, but the first dose will be the most effective. The after effects of shrooms can be felt for up to 48 hours, but this is only fatigue and mental fog.

Where Can I Buy Magic Mushrooms in Canada?

Magic mushrooms can be purchased online in Canada and shipped to your door or picked up at a local dispensary. When purchasing magic mushrooms online, there is a variety of options available to you. Some dealers may not have the purest magic mushrooms available, so it’s important to do your research.

When you buy shrooms online in Canada you can be sure these are grown domestically, as there are many growers on the west coast of Canada, easily supplying the country. Shrooms can be grown in Canada easily because of the climate and mushroom farms are popping up everywhere.

While you can easily buy shrooms in Canada online, the legality of doing so is another story. In general, there are no laws that prohibit private use and consumption of mushrooms. Some laws though do state that the sale or distribution of magic mushrooms is illegal, which includes importing them into Canada. However, if you purchase magic mushrooms online, chances are they will not be confiscated or seized when you deliver them to your address. But it is best if they came from a domestic source in order to avoid issues with international law enforcement agencies.