Cannabis flower is the most popular type of weed product, and it is what users traditionally used to get high. Cannabis flower can come in indica, Sativa, or hybrid strains, with the strain’s effects generally depending on the terpenes found in them. We will go over the basics of cannabis flower and how it is classified. You can find many types of strains on our menu at the High Glow dispensary. Buy cannabis flower online from our extensive menu!

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Indica Strains

Indica Flower is generally known for its calming high and sedative effects. This results from the abundant amounts of myrcene and pinene found in the strains, which cause the high to be more sedating. In addition, strains that are incredibly high in these terpenes often produce a couchlock effect.

If you’re looking for a strain that produces pain relief and induces sleep, then this is where your search should begin. Indica strains are the most common cannabis flower found in Canada because they yield the most bud per plant, compared to Sativas.

Common traits of indica flower are :

  • leaves are typically broad and round with a long stem.
  • Concentrated resin glands grow at the nodes of the plant, similar to hairs.
  • flowers are dense, sticky and have a distinct smell.

Sativa Strains

Sativa is known for its energizing properties as it gets your mind thinking much faster than before, causing you to be more creative. In addition, THC acts on receptors in the brain, causing increased blood flow to the brain and suppressing appetite, which makes sativas very popular for medicinal use. Certain strains of Sativa have a very distinct smell. The most common fragrances within Sativa strains include earth, citrus and tropical.

Sativas are more stimulating than indicas due to the abundance of pinene (believed to be a natural anti-depressant since it increases dopamine levels in our brains) and caryophyllene. These terpenes enhance mental activity and allow you to function normally while getting high, instead of feeling drowsy like you would from an indica strain. In addition, Sativa strains usually carry a more cerebral effect than Indica strains due to the high levels of THCV, which induces an uplifting vibe. You can find many types of Sativa cannabis flowers on our menu at the High Glow dispensary.

Common traits of Sativa cannabis flower are;

  • leaves are typically long with a pointed shape.
  • Small resin glands are found at the nodes of the plant.
  • flowers are very dense and have a distinctly different smell.

Examples of Sativa strains are Blue Dream, Silver Haze, and Kim Kardashian

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are mixes of the indica and Sativa strains. The effects vary significantly from strain to strain but can be somewhat predictable based on the dominant parent. For example, if a strain has a dominant indica parent, the effects will be more sedating but depend on what other terpenes and cannabinoids are present in the strain.

Hybrids are known for their heavy body, uplifting effects and aroma of earth. Although the effects aren’t as potent as sativas or indicas, they tend to induce a euphoric high. So if you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing, then hybrid buds would be an excellent choice.


Terpenes are volatile aromatic compounds that give cannabis its distinct flavours and smell. There are roughly 120 different terpenes identified in cannabis so far, which is impressive considering there are over 400 other cannabinoids identified in cannabis. Terpenes are essential because they have a considerable effect on the overall high of the cannabis flower.

This is the reason why some strains of cannabis are famed for their distinct smells. Many of these strains are described as having a ‘pine’ smell or ‘earthy’ smell, but it is not hard to tell if a dedicated grower has made the weed.

Terpenes also affect how each strain will affect your body and what you feel after you smoke it. For example, One strain may produce feelings of relaxation and help muscles relax, while others may be energizing and cause you to have a more uplifted state.

So indica, Sativa and hybrid are a place to start, but you should be checking the terpenes present in the flower to estimate the effects.

Some common terpenes found in cannabis flower are;

  • Myrcene – mainly found in indica strains (earthy flavour, sedating effects)
  • Pinene – mostly found in Sativa strains (pine flavour, uplifting effects), which can convert to myrcene or linalool when heated.
  • Limonene – mainly found in Sativa strains (lime flavour, anti-anxiety / creativity), which can convert to pinene or myrcene when heated.

As you can see, flower and terpenes have a very symbiotic relationship.

How to Use Cannabis Flower?

Here is a list of the common ways to consume cannabis flower;

  • Roll a joint or blunt
  • Put in a pipe or bong
  • Get creative (waterfall, gravity bong, hot-knife, etc.)
  • Vape with a dry herb vape
  • or use it to make edibles or concentrates!

Smoking weed is simple, and the steps are as follows:

  • First, break off a nice-sized bud from your nug.
  • Next, cut the bud into smaller pieces with a sharp pair of scissors or grinder.
  • Place the bud pieces in a joint, blunt or pipe.
  • Light it up and enjoy!
  • Make sure to take long, slow drags to get the high going.
  • The effects can be felt almost instantly and will slowly wear off after initially peaking.

Some of the effects of smoking cannabis are felt within minutes, while others can take longer.

The effects will make you feel like sitting in a nice comfy chair, watching movies with your friends. It will give you a feeling like you’re speeding down the highway while sitting next to your best friend. Do you know that feeling like everything is just right with the world? That’s what your high will feel like! Again this depends on the terpenes, but generally, you will get either indica-like effects, Sativa or both.

If you are new to smoking or vaporizing, then cannabis flower will be the easiest form of cannabis to try instead of concentrates and edibles, which can have a more intense effect.