AAAA cannabis flower (Quads) is generally considered the highest quality flower in the marketplace. The buds are large and dense and covered with a thick aromatic trichomes (crystal resin) layer. The THC levels are very high, averaging at about 22% to 27%. Some flowers may even reach THC levels as high as 40%.

This quality also ranges from the regular AAAA to the high-premium quality AAAA++. It is the best quality of its kind, ranking highest in all traits with a pungent odour, a sharp flavour, and a smooth, clean-smelling burn smoke.

Cannabis users buy AAAA weed flower if they want to fine-tune their experience by choosing the best, including effects, potency and taste. Customers will also use them if they have a specialized requirement, such as higher dosage or potency.

This flower isn’t necessarily only for experienced users, but some experience helps appreciate the quality of these strains. AAAA flower should be used by those who know what they are doing. Because of this quality, AAAA flower has a higher price tag ($300+ per ounce).

What makes AAAA Cannabis Flower?

Cannabis Flower is graded by giving a score on the following items;

  • Flower Structure
  • Trichome Density
  • Trim
  • Terpene Profile
  • Burn
  • Ash Colour
  • Flavour & Effect

Why Buy AAAA Craft Flower?

AAAA flower is a premium grade, so all of the above attributes score in the top percentile. There is no difference in the THC level between AAAA and AAAA+, as it is the quality of the strain. Growers and retailers use the + to differentiate the slightly better product, but generally, it’s very similar.

The highest quality buds contain many trichomes, with an appearance described as frosty or hairy. The density of trichomes is what gives the cannabis plant a glowing appearance. Trichomes are resin glands containing both cannabinoids and terpenes (which give each strain its unique smell). The higher concentration of these glands, the more potent buds you have. This is what gives these buds their premium flavour and effects, an abundance of cannabinoids & terpenes.

Craft cannabis strains in Canada are the finest globally and have a vast selection of different strains. For flower to be considered craft, it must be grown in small batches, with each strain picked for only the finest genetics. Usually, it’s produced by people who dedicate their lives to growing and breeding new strains of cannabis. “Craft” means they are trying new things to accentuate a favourable attribute in the bud. So if you’re looking for the best in Canada and you want only the finest quality, you’ve found your new favourite stop!

Why Buy Craft Weed?

Craft weed strains have high amounts of cannabinoids, terpenes and are carefully harvested. Buds can be cold-cured to give them extra time to excrete more flavour and potency.

Craft weed is not the same thing as micro-growing since the key ingredient is the master grower working with unique genetics & in small batches. In addition, craft weed is generally 100% organic, as growers won’t use pesticides or other harsh chemicals; they will only use organic fertilizers.

What does craft weed mean?

Cannabis is a product that can be grown and cured for a specific purpose, really emphasizing some positive attributes from its parents. High-quality cannabis takes more time and care to cultivate. Craft weed means extra time and care has been combined with master growing techniques, unique genetics, small batches, minimal use of chemicals (other than organic fertilizers) to create a fantastic product.

Where Can I Buy Craft Weed in Canada?

You can buy craft weed at many dispensaries online, but the best is from our shop at High Glow Co. We have great prices, and you can buy 1g up to as many ounces as you like! In addition, we have a great relationship with our growers, so we get access to their premium collection before anyone else.

How is craft different than other strains?

Again the main difference in craft strains is the unique genetics and care which go into each crop. You are not getting the standard strains, but a strain that has been bred and cultivated for a specific trait, such as high potency to alleviate pain. Craft growers are the most important because they work with smaller batches to maintain the best quality and achieve the desired effects.

Other strains have more blanket effects and may not have as pure of a terpene profile. Check out our craft strain offering and buy the best craft weed online in Canada!