AAA cannabis flower is what you typically find, it is the standard quality of flower on the market. This grade is also relatively high test, with THC levels averaging above 15-20% and above, depending on the strain tested.

Why Buy AAA Cannabis Flower?

AAA flower is great for making edibles and concentrates. This grade is also perfect for smoking as it is consistently high quality. These flowers are full of trichomes, giving them a pungent smell and can be found in almost any shop. Available in a variety of types, this is the most common type of high-standard cannabis strains sold in dispensaries and stores.

Resin glands will be thick & sticking to hairs on these buds. They will have that wonderful “sticky-icky” feel and smell just like that of some incredible hash or some great bubble hash! Buds should be light green in appearance with dark green hues.

What Makes AAA Weed?

Triple-A grade was formerly regarded at the best quality flower, but then came along AAAA as the breeders got more creative and better at their craft. Advancements in growing techniques and technology have played a huge role.

Cannabis Flower is graded by giving a score on the following items;

  • Flower Structure
  • Trichome Density
  • Trim
  • Terpene Profile
  • Burn
  • Ash Colour
  • Flavour & Effect

AAA Flower scores high on all of these attributes, since it’s quite high quality, just missing that something special to put it in the AAAA category. The buds will be dense, covered in trichomes and resin glands, trimmed well and have a decent terpene profile. AAA weed has a clear and consistent flavour that is strong, but not overpowering. The overall potency of a strain is also a major factor in determining the quality of the sample.

AAA quality cannabis flower is fun to smoke. You can get maximum enjoyment out of these kinds of flowers, and they are generally easier on your lungs because there are no chemicals. AAA flowers are perfect all-around regular cannabis, if you only have one type you are still guaranteed to be happy with it!

AAA cannabis flower has strong effects, great flavour and smell and the potency is very high, making it a great strain for all your needs. It cost less than premium grade flower with an experience which is almost as good. You can buy AAA weed in our shop, our menu features many options of indica, sativa or hybrid in varying potencies.