AA cannabis flower is graded as so because it’s mid-grade flower. This is a typical example of the lower grades that exist in the cannabis market, which are priced accordingly & sell for less than higher-grade flowers such as AAA and AAAA.

What is AA Cannabis Flower?

By being given the grade of AA weed, this indicates that it meets certain standards but is not considered a premium product. Mid-grade cannabis flower is typically priced between $75 – $150 per ounce (depending on the total supply), while higher grades can go for up to $300 per ounce. AA cannabis flower has a high level of THC, but is not considered the best quality.

AA-grades are often referred to as “reggie weed” or “dubs” because they have a brown or yellow hues. Growers will opt for these lower-grade flowers because they grow faster and require less intricate care. The great thing is, in the end it is easier on your wallet and the product is still very good!

Cannabis Flower is graded by giving a score on the following items;

  • Flower Structure
  • Trichome Density
  • Trim
  • Terpene Profile
  • Burn
  • Ash Colour
  • Flavour & Effect

AA weed flower could have less dense buds, or small sized, be poorly trimmed, burns okay but the flavour isn’t maximized with effects which are less pronounced.

Buy AA Weed Online

When you buy AA cannabis, you know you are getting a product which is of good quality, you will just have to pay a little more for the next grade up!

With that in mind, it’s always better to buy higher-grade buds and make extracts with lower-grade flowers such as AA, when making your own concentrate at home. There is no reason to be buying AA flower & not getting the most out of it!

From time to time, shops sell AAA and AA cannabis which could be overstated in it’s grade. We carefully select our flower and only sell true AA. If you find any issues with our flower, please let us know as soon as possible. This won’t happen when you buy from known retailers such a High Glow Co. who have good reputation & trust.