When you want to buy weed chocolate online , there is no better place to visit than our store. Cannabis chocolate is an incredibly popular edible product because of it’s versatility of use. You can eat it, make treats, mix it in a beverage and more.

A lot of people enjoy using cannabis chocolate because it’s a very discreet way to consume cannabis. It also doesn’t have to be as potent as smoking or vaping, which allows patients needing CBD or THC to control their doses better than other methods.

What kinds of weed chocolate are there?

Cannabis chocolate contains either THC, CBD or both in combination. The varieties of the chocolate itself are vast, as you are only limited by your skills as a chocolatier.

We make all of our chocolate varieties in-house, so we can ensure you’re only getting the best possible ingredients for the best possible product. Check out our product page to see what we have available and to learn more about how you can buy cannabis chocolate online.

How to use cannabis chocolate?

You can eat it by itself, but it also works great as an ingredient that you can add to your favourite recipes. You could make a cannabis panna cotta or maybe a cannabis cake. You could even mix it into your favourite beverage.

Cannabis chocolate can be used to make treats, cakes and even drinks. You can also add it to your oatmeal, stroganoff or whenever that is your go-to breakfast.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to how you can use cannabis chocolate. You’ll just have to try it out for yourself and see what works best for you.

Is cannabis chocolate good for me?

Weed chocolate is a great alternative for those looking to consume medical marijuana without having to worry about smoking or vaping it. By eating, drinking or making edibles from cannabis chocolate you are still consuming the THC and CBD with virtually no odor.

If you’re wondering if marijuana edibles are safe, then rest assured, because weed chocolate does not contain any artificial preservatives or colours like most other products on the market do.

What are the health benefits of cannabis chocolate?

Medical marijuana is a great treatment for people with a host of disorders and diseases. This includes things like cancer, epilepsy, chronic pain, anxiety, stress and insomnia. That’s why it’s important to find the right strain that suits what you’re looking for. If you are looking for the power of cannabis outside of its psychoactive effects, you can purchase CBD only chocolate.

How is weed chocolate made?

Cannabis chocolate is made by infusing cannabis oil (sometimes coconut oil) into the cacao butter and the cacao powder. Another way it’s made is by adding pure THC or CBD (distillate) to melted chocolate. In the end product comes out as a delicious bar of chocolate with little to no weed taste which melts in your mouth.

Here is a quick breakdown of how cannabis chocolate is made;

Infusion process:

Cannabis oil is put into a pressure chamber and heated to about 160 degrees Fahrenheit with the end result being a decarboxylated cannabis. This decarboxylation process converts all of the THCA molecules into THC. The pressure chamber then allows for the pressure to be released and allow it to cool down so that it can be mixed with the cacao butter. The infusion process takes approximately 2 hours.

Pure THC or CBD (distillate):

Cannabis butter is melted and melted together until it reaches a temperature of about 300 degrees Fahrenheit where THC or CBD can be added in according to what you desire. These are poured in while stirring to give the infusion a slightly golden hue (bloom).

We make some of our chocolate products from scratch here at the store, so you know exactly what’s going into your product. That way, we can ensure that it’s quality and potency is consistent, giving you maximum results with minimal effort.

How do I buy cannabis chocolate online?

It’s easy to purchase weed chocolate online. First, you’ll want to check out our store for all of the varieties that we offer. Once you find one that piques your interest, head over to our checkout page and place an order right away. We ship all orders within 48 hours of receiving payment. Delivery is made within 3-5 business days of receiving your order, and is fully insured to protect you and your product.