Cannabis edibles in Canada are slowly gaining ground as the preferred method of consumption. It’s no surprise as they are a great alternative to smoking and can be made in a variety of different ways, not to mention they are delicious.

Do you already know about cannabis edibles or are you considering giving them a try? Read on to learn more about what they are, what they consist of, and some common dosages for edibles. As well as how to use them and their effects.

The main categories of cannabis edibles are:

Gummies & Candy
Baked Goods
& More!

Cannabis users like using edibles because they are a discreet, efficient and enjoyable way to feel the effects of cannabis.

Edibles are also a great way to ease into cannabis use because you don’t need a large amount to feel results. In addition, there are many different types of edibles available and you can choose which ones would be best for you.

If you prefer chocolate or sweets, then those may be your best options. But if you prefer tinctures or baked goods, then those would be your best options as well. You have several different ways that you can use cannabis edibles including gummies, chocolate, baked goods, and more.

What are the main types of cannabis edibles?

There are many types of edibles available for purchase in Canadian dispensaries, and you can even make your own! Edibles come in many different forms such as gummies, chocolate, baked goods and more! You can also make your own edibles at home with the help of a recipe for gummies or any other type of cannabis edible that you want. Many recipes exist online that you can use or tweak to create your preferred type of edible.

So what are edibles?

Cannabis edibles are food-based products that contain concentrated cannabis (or marijuana) as their active ingredient. In Canadian regulations they are referred to as “treats” and “edibles”. Edible cannabis products are used for the relief of various symptoms including pain, stress, and anxiety, however they can also have a psychoactive effect. One of the main reasons that many people prefer edibles over smoking or vaporizing is that you can’t gauge how high you’ll be until it’s too late.

How are cannabis edibles generally made?

Cannabis edibles are made by infusing cannabis into a food or drink product.

There are three main ways that you can make cannabis edibles:

Baked Goods:

Baked goods can be made with cannabis infused oils and/or butter. In this way, all of the flavourings are infused with the cannabis instead of the cannabinoids being consumed in their natural form.

Candy & Chocolate:

These are made by infusing pure THC or CBD into a gummy base or chocolate base which is then molded. These are consistently dosed

Tinctures :

Tinctures are alcohol-based extracts that can be ingested straight or mixed with other liquids such as water.

What are the effects of edibles?

The effects of edibles are felt much more gradually than when smoking cannabis.

It takes approximately 1 hour to an hour and a half to feel the full effects. Edibles also tend to last longer than smoking, usually lasting anywhere from 3-8 hours.

So what do the effects of cannabis edibles feel like? You will feel energetic and creative, but also relaxed and happy. Edibles are a great way to relax, as they are felt a little more in the body, but it really depends on the dosage and your tolerance to cannabis. Too much THC can make you feel unwell.

Edibles can be dosed from 1 gram up to 30-40 grams. So be sure to check out the dosages for edibles that you’re considering purchasing and decide if you would like to go higher or lower before starting.

How to Take Edibles:

Edibles are taken orally, generally by eating or sublingual application. Most important to taking edibles is to start low and go slow. The effects can take awhile to kick in so it’s best not to over-indulge.

When it comes to cannabis, dosage is important. Just like any other medication, you should be sure to take the proper dosage so you can get the maximum benefits.

Also important is your location, if it’s your first time find a relaxing place, see how you feel and go from there. If you are experienced, you can do what you know is best!

Take edibles either by :

Eating them whole: The effects of edibles come on slower but last longer than smoking or vaping cannabis. Depending on the product, you may just want to start with a smaller piece of the edible, or get candies which are conveniently dosed.

Putting them into a drink: Putting edibles into a drink such as water, tea, or coffee is a great way to mask the flavour and consume it quickly. There are plenty of these products available in our store to make your own beverages.

Getting products pre-mixed: Getting products pre-mixed is an easy and effective way of ingesting cannabis. It’s important to read the label and understand how much THC is in each serving.