Vape pens are quickly gaining popularity as an easy and convenient way consume cannabis. Cannabis vape pens are also a great way to consume cannabis discreetly. Apart from this there are also many types of vape pens available as well as disposable vape pens.

Using a weed vape pen is one of the best ways to consume cannabis and enjoy its effects. Vape pens are a great way to consume cannabis for users who want to enjoy its benefits without smelling or getting too high, because you can choose & control better how much THC you include in the vaping experience.

Apart from this vaping also has different benefits than smoking. From numerous research studies we know that it does not damage the lungs or respiratory system like smoking does, and is a much more healthy option. When you smoke weed, harmful substances such as carbon monoxide (CO) and tar enter your lungs and affect your respiratory health whereas when you use a vape pen these harmful substances do not reach your lungs because they have already evaporated at lower temperatures.

The different concentrates found in concentrate vape pens are made from cannabis extract and generally contain THC. They come in different forms like wax, budder, shatter, crumble etc. and can be enjoyed as dab or concentrate vape pens. The heating mechanism used in the vape pen is very different from the regular pen or e-pen. The whole kit contains a battery, a heating chamber that holds the concentrate which is heated with coils and a mouthpiece for inhaling the vapour out of it.


There are two main types of weed vapes available: rechargeable (e-pens) and disposable (weed pens), although some vape batteries also work with cannabis vape carts as well.

Rechargeable Vape pens (Dab pens or multi-use vapes):

These are the all-rounder vape pens. They vaporize dry herbs or waxes and can be easily recharged using a USB charger. Many of these types also have a replaceable cartridge, which allows you to refill it with your favourite herb. Furthermore, some of these vape pens come with additional attachments, such as atomizers and attachments for the concentrate, that make vaping weed due to those benefits even more enjoyable. These are the most common type of vape pen that people use.

Disposable Vape pens:

Most of these types of vape pens come in a single use form. This means that after you finish with them, you cannot refill them. They are generally made from plastic and have a mouthpiece, battery & heating chamber attachment as well as an atomizer. The oil is loaded into the heating chamber of the pen and then attached to the battery that heats it up to vaporizing temperature in about one minute. One of the best things about disposable pens is that they are very easy to use for beginners because there’s no assembly required.

Vape Pen Carts & Battery

Vape pen cartridges are 510 thread which means they will work with most vape pens on the market. These are similar to disposable vapes, but you can re-use and recharge the battery to use with multiple carts. These cartridges can be purchased online at a lower cost than buying multiple disposable pens. The cartridges are easy to fill and you can make your oil stronger if you choose, since the oil tends to burn out quicker in a vaporizer compared to when you smoke it.

Benefits of Vape Pen Carts:

Some Vape pen cartridges are refillable, so they are really handy when you’re traveling because all you have to do is take the amount of material that fits into your vape pen and insert it directly into that cartridge. You won’t have to worry about using your cannabis outdoors because there is little smell and many people use vape pens in public without worrying about getting caught.

How to Use a THC Vape Pen

THC vape pens are easy to use, you simply load the chamber with your concentrate (make sure it’s not too hot), then press a button, which will heat up the cartridge. If you’re are using a disposable or cartridge, you can skip the loading part and just press the button! You inhale as soon as you see vapor and continue to inhale until you have finished the dose. To get the most out of your vape pen, make sure to hold in a lung full for 3-5 seconds so that the vapor has time to enter your bloodstream.

Where to Buy Vape Pens in Canada?

You can buy cannabis vape pens in Canada at online dispensaries and local head shops.
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