Cannabis shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate. It’s made when butane or carbon dioxide is used to extract only the resinous trichomes from a plant. The result is a hard, amber-colored substance that looks like it’s made out of glass.

Shatter can be smoked in a pipe, dabbed as a wax, or heated and then inhaled through a vaporizer pen. Dabbing with an e-nail (or “dab rig”) is also popular because it provides cleaner and more efficient dabs than using torches or irons to heat shatter on top of bongs and pipes.

The potency of shatter is usually around 80-90 percent THC and 5% or less of the other cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD). The amount of THC in shatter can vary widely from batch to batch but is generally very potent.

Where to Buy Shatter?

You can buy cannabis concentrate online at a Canadian retailer if your province and territory accept the purchase of cannabis concentrates. If a cannabis concentrate is legal in your province or territory, you can easily buy shatter online.

Shatter usually costs considerably less than flower (on a THC mg basis) or pre-rolled joints bought from a licensed cannabis retailer. Shatter is the most popular cannabis concentrate for adding to pre-rolled marijuana joints because it complements the smoke, is malleable, and costs approximately the same as regular bud, which you can smoke legally in Canada.

Some people add THC concentrate to butane hash oil and then vaporize it. Others mix it with a liquid extract that’s made from cannabis buds instead of shatter, called “dabs”. Then others use vaporizers to inhale the mixture.

People enjoy consuming shatter because it’s one of the strongest cannabis products available. It contains more THC than some other concentrates or dried bud. That makes shatter a good choice if you use cannabis for recreational or medical reasons, or both.

What is BHO?

Butane hash oil (BHO), another popular concentrate, is usually a little bit less potent than shatter. There can also be strong differences in potency from batch to batch.

Some people choose BHO over shatter because it’s made from buds instead of just trichomes. Buds have a richer flavor than trichomes when vaporized with an e-nail for dabbing purposes. And buds produce different effects than shatter when vaporized with a portable vaporizer pen.

How to Use Shatter

The best way to smoke shatter is to heat it slowly over a long period of time in a clean, high-temperature vape pen, or with an e-nail. That way you don’t burn the material and can enjoy the flavour from the plant material.

But people also enjoy dabbing shatter because it’s so potent that you only need small amounts of it to get high. That means they need less shatter than other materials to get the effect they’re looking for.

Another reason why people like dabbing is that it’s quick and easy! You just drop a small amount of shatter onto the hot dab nail.

How is Shatter Made?

Shatter is made by extracting the trichomes from the plant using butane or carbon dioxide, then purging them of these solvents.

Butane is more efficient and popular to use, but it’s also highly flammable and potentially explosive. That means concentrate operations need to be clean and safe. Producers can opt for CO2 extraction instead of using butane, which won’t cause an explosion.

Whether butane or CO2 is chosen for extraction, the next step is purging out the solvent. This process requires a vacuum oven that forces out as much moisture as possible from the icky gooey trichome material so it hardens into a shatter form.