Phoenix Tears: How They’re Made, How To Use Them & More

Phoenix Tears: How They’re Made, How To Use Them & More

If you are a cannabis consumer, you have probably seen a cannabis product called Phoenix Tears in lots of dispensaries. Unfortunately, there are disagreements concerning this product’s medical properties.

Nowadays, it’s a well-known fact that cannabis can be used as a multipurpose plant—many consumers of cannabis use this plant not only for recreational purposes but also for treating various illnesses.

Cannabis has many medical benefits, and these are due to the two significant cannabinoids existing in the plant: CBD and THC. In addition, these components are easy to extract and concentrate.

This process produces lots of products like edibles, distillates, and concentrates for the different needs of consumers.

Phoenix Tears is one of the most prominent extracted products on the market.

What Is “Phoenix Tears”?

Phoenix Tears is a potent, concentrated form of the marijuana plant. You will meet various names of this concentrate: Rick Simpson Oil, Cannabis Oil, Jamaican Hash Oil, F.E.C.O.

Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil, Run from the Cure Oil, and most widespread name- Phoenix Tears.

In general, Phoenix Tears come in indica dominant types. The Sativa dominant type of Phoenix Tears is a great energizer and treatment for depression, whereas the indica dominant type is for relaxation and deeper sleep.

This product is a very effective and strong medication that can prevent many serious diseases, treat disorders, and most importantly, cure different types of cancers.

Who was Rick Simpson?

Phoenix Tears or Rick Simpson Oil is a highly concentrated kind of marijuana oil invented by cannabis activist Rick Simpson.

This product, rich with THC and CBD cannabinoids, began when traditional medicine failed to treat many serious health problems.

Rick Simpson’s Story

Rick Simpson was an engineer, and he worked in a hospital in Canada in 1997. There was an accident in the hospital, and Rick Simpson fell off a ladder. Because of the accident, he injured his head, and later it caused various health disorders like headaches, dizziness, and tinnitus.

For a long time, Rick Simpson continued the treatment with standard medical methods. But the doctors failed, and he wanted to use medicinal marijuana to overcome the symptoms.

The doctor didn’t agree to prescribe him medical marijuana, so he decided to use it independently.

Using medical cannabis had a significant influence on his symptoms. When he saw the positive results, he decided to become a promoter of medicinal marijuana.

Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil and Cancer

Several years later, Rick Simpson started to consume marijuana again when he noticed strange lumps on his hands. It was a dangerous type of skin cancer- basal cell carcinoma.

This time, he didn’t visit doctors and started to treat cancer on his own. Rick Simpson created syrupy marijuana oil with a considerable amount of THC.

He spread the oil on the neoplasms on his hands. Rick claimed that his cancer disappeared in a short period.

After the positive results, Rick Simpson decided to produce more cannabis oil and distribute it to patients who needed it for free.

He does not produce that oil to profit but to share his experience and help many people overcome their health issues.

So, due to his willingness to help people, Rick Simpson became an authoritative Cannabis activist.

The Scientific Side of Rick Simpson Oil RSO

The medicinal effects of Rick Simpson Oil are still up for debate.

There is a study on mice that tests the oil’s ability to heal skin cancer. But there is no complete medical study to establish if Rick Simpson declares facts and a need to produce the oil in large amounts.

There is a need for deeper research on this branch to determine if cannabis can affect cancer cells. Many people are consuming this cannabis oil to cure their various health issues.

This cannabis oil is widely used to treat anxiety, tension, depression, stress, decrease pain, and increase hunger.

You can easily get your Phoenix Tears and use them. Besides buying Rick Simpson Oil, you can also make it to yourself.

Now, this cannabis oil is considered one of the most demanded supplements in medical therapy. Therefore, it’s imperative to consult with your doctor before deciding to try Rick Simpson Oil.

The Beneficial Functions of Phoenix Tears

The information about Rick Simpson Oil is very uncertain, and you cannot find an honest answer to whether it can impact the growth of cancer cells. But don’t be disappointed.

There are many benefits of Phoenix Tears. This high THC and CBD product are created for curing cancer and many other disorders.

What may health issues be treated by Phoenix Tears?

Here is the list of the health issues people treated with the help of Phoenix Tears:

  • Relieving anxiety;
  • Reducing pain;
  • Increasing appetite;
  • Nourishing the skin;
  • Improving sleep;
  • Improving heart health due to antioxidants.

One of the benefits of Phoenix Tears is how easy it is to consume. You can consume this extract in many ways, and the best part is that it is smoke-free.

You can consume your dose of Phoenix Tears sublingually or orally, or you can rub it into your skin where it hurts.

Phoenix Tears let you get healthy without smoking. There is no need to smoke this extract.

Phoenix Tears also has a long shelf-life. If you store it in the right way, it will last for a long time. But, of course, you have to keep it tightly closed and store it correctly.

THC is considered a stable type of molecule. You have to keep your Phoenix Tears away from light and heat. Those factors can cause its fast degradation.

How to Use Rick Simpson Oil

Now we are going to discuss the most common ways to use Phoenix Tears. Remember, if you are a new Rick Simpson Oil consumer, you have to start with a small dose.

Then you can decide the best dosage and medical procedure that suits your needs. Though some consumers can afford to use a large dose, don’t forget to use Phoenix Tears slowly.


The easiest and most common way of consuming Rick Simpson Oil is the sublingual procedure. The term sublingual comes from Latin and means ‘under the tongue.’

It is considered a much faster way of consuming. The human body is capable of processing it effectively.

For a start, you can use a drop of oil. The dose should be the size of the rice grain. To feel the effect, it takes approximately 5 minutes.


If you decide to consume the oil by eating or adding it in an edible, you have to wait a long time to feel the effects of the Phoenix Tears. Sometimes you have to wait for hours. That’s because the human body needs a long time to process it.

There are several ways of consuming Rick Simpson Oil:

  • First, you can cook it in baked food.
  • Second, you can add it to your salad dressing.
  • Third, you can drink it. Fourth, add it to your morning cup of coffee or evening tea.

You can buy Rick Simpson Oil with a syringe or a dropper included to make it easier to use. Usually, producers have it in the pack, and there is no need to buy it separately.

If you are consuming edibles for the first time…

If you are consuming edibles for the first time, it’s essential to wait a long time to feel the effects. Don’t be impatient, and don’t take another portion after a short time. It will be a mistake to do so as it will cause discomfort.

It will be better to wait an hour to feel the effects of the oil. However, you will need more time to see how Rick Simpson Oil affects you in some cases.

Sometimes it’s difficult to track the time when your edibles start to kick in, so set your timer as soon as you use it.

So, don’t forget to note your dose and how much time it took to kick in. It helps you to decide to use the same dose of Rick Simpson Oil or make some changes.

Also, remember that edibles’ effects are usually more potent than from smoking, and sometimes the effects can last about 8 hours. That’s why you should always start slow.

It’s recommended that you consume Rick Simpson Oil before sleep. Many users state that edibles have very sedative effects. Therefore, it is ideal to use it at night.


Use Rick Simpson Oil as a topical if you have some health issues like muscle or joint pain.

It’s straightforward. You have to rub the Phoenix Tears on the body parts that are injured. Some people who consumed the oil topically state that they felt a difference in about 60 minutes.

Rick Simpson Oil is one of the thickest oils, it’s perfect to use topically, and the effects will also last longer. Also, this is the method Rick Simpson used to cure his skin cancer. First, he rubbed the oil on the growths on his hands.

One more helpful fact about Phoenix Tears is that it can ease menstrual cramps when used topically.

Smoking or Vaporizing

You can find the answer if you are thinking of smoking phoenix tears or vaporizing Rick Simpson Oil. Depending on the circumstances, you can, but it is not recommended.

Your Phoenix Tears have to be free of all the alcohol, and there must not be any MCT oil or coconut oil in them. In this case, it’s possible to smoke or vaporize.

Please take into consideration that it doesn’t taste terrific. You can get better concentrates that have fantastic taste, such as sauce or live resin.

How to Make Rick Simpson Oil

It’s surprising, but it’s pretty easy to make Phoenix Tears or Rick Simpson Oil at home.

What you need to make your Rick Simpson Oil

Of course, you have to get the ingredients and some tools you need.

● A pound of dried marijuana.

● Food-grade solvent – 2 gallons.

● A deep bowl and a 5-gallon bucket.

● Rice cooker.

● Food safe container to stir the mixture.

● Coffee filters or cheesecloth.

Note: It is forbidden to use denatured alcohol instead of solvent, for instance, rubbing alcohol bought from the stores. That type of alcohol is dangerous for consumption. However, according to Rick Simpson’s recipe, 99% of you can use isopropyl alcohol. Also, you can include wood-grain alcohol.

Step 1. Washing the cannabis.

To start the process of making your oil, first, you have to crush the cannabis into the bucket. Next, you have to add the alcohol. Then you have to blend it for a few minutes.

After the blending process, you must pour the alcohol into another container and repeat the same process. This first wash gets you about 80% of marijuana oils.

To get the remaining part of the oils, you have to rewash them.

Use your cheesecloth or coffee filters to clear out the marijuana from the alcohol.

Step 2. Evaporating the alcohol.

At this stage, the ready mass has to be golden or yellow.

Now, it’s time to clear out the alcohol from the mass to be left with only the oil. This process is relatively easy to do: you need to keep it at low temperatures for evaporating the alcohol. That’s enough to get rid of it.

Also, don’t forget to ventilate the room very well.

Then, take your rice cooker and pour the ready mass into it. Turn the heat to a high level. You will notice how the alcohol boils off.

After a while, add the rest of the alcohol mass into the rice cooker. At the same time, alcohol boils off, the liquid decreases.

When you finish the process, there will be a small amount of oil.

That’s your homemade Rick Simpson Oil. Save it in a proper container.

Some Issues to pay attention to

The first issue you have to pay attention to is that you cannot know if the alcohol has completely boiled off. That is the reason why you have to use food-grade alcohol.

In this case, if there is a small amount of alcohol, you can use your oil without worries.

The second issue – always start consuming your oil slowly, with a small dose. You cannot determine the CBD and THC dosage in your homemade Phoenix Tears oil. Sometimes the potency varies.

Tips to Follow

Before starting to consume Rick Simpson Oil, follow these guidelines:

  • First, it’s vital to consult with a medical professional to determine if you can use it. This is because there can be interactions with your medications and other treatment methods.
  • There are several side effects to Rick Simpson Oil. It’s possible to have difficulties sleeping, lower blood pressure, slow reaction times, and memory impairment. Good news- these side effects usually disappear after a short time.
  • Don’t forget to start slowly when using this oil. Pay attention to your body’s reaction to the Phoenix Tears.

Bonus: Phoenix Tears for Diabetes and Glaucoma

Rick Simpson Oil is an ideal product for rejuvenating your vital organs. This also concerns the pancreas.

Many people with diabetes state that after consuming this oil for six weeks, they stopped injecting their insulin. Due to the benefits of Rick Simpson Oil, their pancreas started to function optimally.

Dr. Thomas Orvald, a cardiac surgeon, states that the glaucoma treatment process includes relieving the pressure from the globe of the eye.

In this case, Rick Simpson Oil can decrease the pressure and protect the eye’s retina, responsible for protecting the eye from blindness.

Cannabis oil has better effects than medical drugs to treat glaucoma because THC and CBD cannabinoids are better than synthetic, one-ingredient medications.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we discussed the beneficial functions of Phoenix Tears. Rick Simpson made an excellent discovery for humans. His multifunctional cannabis oil can cure different health issues.

The medical benefits of Rick Simpson Oil are still arguable, but hopefully, the medical research will establish its usefulness.

You don’t even need to buy the Phoenix Tears. Rick Simpson shared the recipe of that “magical” cannabis oil. In this article, we included the recipe, so you can easily make your Phoenix Tears right at your home.

If traditional medicine cannot help you and you suffer from various diseases, don’t waste your time and money on ineffective medications. Instead, consult with your doctor and start using Rick Simpson Oil.

For sure, the results will surprise you after a short period.

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