How To Make Hash With Kief


How To Make Hash With Kief

Did you know hash is the easiest marijuana concentrate to make and that you can make it out of kief using common household items? For example, you can make hash from the sweet sand-like weed powder that accumulates at the bottom of your grinder; that is the kief.

If you can’t find where the kief has accumulated, then it means your grinder has no kief compartment. The kief compartment is a feature in high-quality weed grinders that helps you accumulate fine kief matter over a long period. This way, you will never waste an ounce of your valuable weed by disposing of the sweet stuff.

This article will dive into the five simple steps that it takes to convert your kief into hash. The process is easy and won’t take much of your time since all you can be found in most households so long as you have the kief. Moreover, we will talk about a few tips and tricks to help you store the hash and make it last longer for months or even years.

What is hash and why is it important

Hash is a cannabis concentrate that is usually sandy brown or greenish khaki. It is made by heating and pressing cannabis resin glands to create a slab of a firm block. The kief accumulated in the weed grinder contains these precious cannabis trichomes/resin glands that contain potent terpenes, cannabinoids, and various flavonoids.

Hash, also known as hashish, has been traced back to the 12th and 13th Centuries through written text. It is the oldest, or some may say the original, concentrate known to man, and it came long before weed was as popular as it is today. Hash was very popular in the late 1990s than it is today. This is largely attributed to that sneaking hash bricks into the United States was much easier than any other form of weed.

What sets hash from other weed concentrates, apart from its old age, is its low-cost production. You do not need a huge laboratory with expensive equipment or licensed personnel to make hashish. Instead, you can do it in the comfort of your own home with little to no investment if you have the kief.

Nevertheless, a hash can last for years on the shelf if stored properly. This is attributed to the pressed trichomes that do not allow the intrusion of oxygen or moisture into the hash. Therefore, the stored hash will receive less interference from external factors that reduce the drug’s flavours and potency.

Source: Sensi Seeds

The various methods of making hash from kief

In this article, we will look at the most efficient and common method that involves the use of parchment paper and a hot water bottle. However, before we dive into the procedures for that method, let us first look at a few unconventional yet functional ways of making hash from kief.

·         Pressing kief by hand

You can use certain methods such as hand pressing to avoid the use of any equipment altogether. However, even though this technique does not need tools, it will not yield consistent results unless you have mastered an effective technique. The process involves using your hands (you may opt for gloves, but it is not a must) to press against a small gram of kief until it makes a cohesive, solid piece.

·         Shoe hash

This method is by far the most unconventional since it involves you putting wrapped kief within your shoe. You can do this by wrapping the kief from your grinder in parchment paper. Then, proceed to place the loaded parchment paper inside the heel of your shoes.

You will get better results with boots than sports shoes due to their hard-soled nature. Your hash will be ready in approximately 15-60 minutes of walking. The weight and pressure that the kief undergoes, combined with your body heat, will turn the kief into a hash slab ready for consumption.

·         Machine-press hash

As you may have already noticed, the only process that is vital in making hash is pressing. Using a pollen press is an easy way to make hash. You can do the pressing with a higher force and less time by using almost any type of press. Mechanical presses such as bookbinding presses or other small hydraulic presses can be used in this case. All you have to do is wrap the kief and press it with the machine for a few hours to a day, depending on the machine.

How to make hash with kief using the hot water bottle method

The hot water bottle method utilizes the heat from the hot water to melt waxy cuticles of the trichome head. Therefore, it is advisable to use a high-quality, extremely dry resin to obtain the best results. To start, you will need the following essential ingredients:

  1. A glass jar with a lid or bottle with hot water; preferably at 100 degrees Celsius.
  2. Kief from your weed grinder’s kief compartment.
  3. Parchment paper.
  4. Tape.

Step 1: Pour a small square-shaped pile of kief onto the paper

Please take out the kief from the weed grinder and pour a small pile of it onto the parchment paper you have laid on a flat surface. You should make sure the pile is neatly arranged in a square shape in the middle of the paper. The reason for that is to make sure your kief is neatly stacked so that you can fold the parchment paper in the next stage in an easier fashion.

Step 2: Fold the loaded parchment paper into squares

Proceed to fold the paper around the kief into tightly packed square shapes. The tight wrap will ensure that every inch of the square is filled with kief and no excess room in the section. You may proceed to cut any excess paper that is left.

Step 3: Add hot water into the jar and close it with a lid

You will need hot boiling water for this to work. This means that the water will be approximately 100 degrees Celsius and straight out of the heater. With that said, you should arm yourself with a towel, oven mitts, or a piece of thick cloth to hold onto the bottle. Tightly close the jar to ensure there are no leaks when you start pressing on the kief.

Place another piece of parchment paper under the folded one. This ensures that the folded paper doesn’t stick to the bottom of the water bottle or surface. Take the hot water bottle and proceed to pressing and rolling.

Step 4: Roll the hot water jar across the parchment paper

This is where the magic happens. With your mitten-covered hands, turn the water bottle on its side and roll it back and forth on the kief-loaded parchment paper. You have to make sure you are applying enough pressure on the bottle to perform the actual pressing action.

Continue the same motion with the same pressure for about eight to ten minutes. A continuous and consistent motion will evenly distribute the hash and form a consistent and continuous texture.

Step 5: Put the finished product in your freezer

The last step is to freeze the loaded parchment paper for approximately thirty minutes to one hour. The reason for freezing the hash is to make it pliable, hence easier to separate from the parchment paper. You may opt for an alternative to the freezer by using snow or ice to cool down it down.

After a maximum of one hour in the freezer, you can take the hash out, separate it from the paper, and there you have it. But, of course, feel free to start consuming the hash immediately.

Source: Weedmaps

Tips on storing the hash

With proper storage practices, you can be able to store the hash for months or even years. The state of the trichomes in their compressed nature will ensure the hash isn’t affected by environmental factors, thus giving the hash a long shelf life. To protect the trichomes, you will need to employ low freezing temperatures and avoid light, heat, oxygen, and moisture if possible.

Use a freezer to store the hash. The freezer will slow down the ageing process, but the shelf life will depend on the condition of the freezer since factors such as frosts tend to lower the shelf life. You can tightly seal the hash in a metallic, glass, or silicone container to ensure it doesn’t get into contact with materials such as rubber or plastic. Metal, silicone, and glass materials will not chemically react with the terpenes, thereby persevering them for a more flavoured and aromatic taste.

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