What’s Needed to Get Started Using CBD Vapes in Canada


What’s Needed to Get Started Using CBD Vapes in Canada

Vaping CBD is a hot trend. Of course, there are plenty of ways Canadians can take cannabidiol. But a surprisingly high number of people prefer vaping. We won’t get into why people prefer this method, but we will tell you that vaping is soaring in popularity.

With all that said, the purpose of this article is to tell you what’s needed to get started using CBD vapes in Canada. So don’t go anywhere as, by the end, you’ll know exactly how to start vaping CBD.

Choosing the Right Device

It’s safe to say that Canadians have more than one ways to vape CBD. The different types of vaping devices offer Canadians something else entirely. Each one has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, and there is no doubt that other people will prefer a different vaping device.

So with that said, let’s look at what these are.

Disposable Pens

The first vaping device on this list is the disposable pen or disposable CBD vape. The fundamental similarity here is the word “disposable.” This alludes to the fact that these devices are one-time use. Since Canadians can throw away the vape pen once they’re done with it, it means that this is the most affordable vaping option.

You don’t have to pay for any extra juice; all you need to do is buy the pen itself. Canadian CBD vape pens do come in different flavours and various sizes. However, most will agree that Canadians can take up to a few hundred puffs before the pen depletes.

CBD Oil Cartridges

Next on the line are CBD oil cartridges. These are very convenient products that are essentially small tanks filled with cannabidiol oil. The purpose of these products is to go into vape pens compatible with the standard 510 cartridges.

CBD oil cartridges come in many flavours. The cartridge usually holds between 0.5 and 1ml of vape juice. This device is very basic, and Canadians are meant to buy them once their vape pen depletes.

CBD Pods

CBD pods are pretty similar to the previous product. The main difference is that CBD pods, unlike CBD oil cartridges, are compatible with standard vape pens. This means Canadians can just as easily vape cannabidiol with a regular vape pen as they would with a CBD pen.

CBD pods are the same as CBD oil cartridges, but they’re soaring in popularity due to their versatile nature. If Canadians ever wanted to swap CBD with nicotine, they can do it by buying CBD pods.

Refillable Pens

Unlike disposable pens, refillable pens are more expensive. The reason for that is …well, Canadians can refill the pen with CBD juice instead of throwing it away. This is a long-term solution for smokers. They’re compatible with a 510 cartridge and a 510 thread battery, and Canadians can even fill it up with their vape juice.

Also, unlike disposable pens, refillable pens produce more vapour and are considered by many as a better option. But Canadians must remember that refillable pens require regular cleaning of the cartridge area and changing the coils.

Using the Device

Once you have figured out the suitable device for vaping cannabidiol, the next step is to learn how to use it. Luckily for eager Canadians, vaping is pretty straightforward. While some devices are more complex to set up, there are usually instructions on how to do that on the product packaging.

But if you’ve missed it, we’ve got you covered. So, here is how to use each vaping device.

Using CBD Oil Cartridges

We mentioned that CBD oil cartridges come with a 510 battery. The first thing to do is to connect the battery to the refillable vape pen. Before you do that, make sure to turn the vape pen off by clicking on the power button five times. Some vape pens might have other ways to powder down, so make sure you’ve got this one researched ahead.

Once you’ve got that out of the way, take a nice inhale from the vape pen. We recommend you start slow and wait to see how the cannabidiol affects you before taking another puff if you’re a beginner. Vaping is exceptionally effective, and you can expect the effects to kick in within the next two minutes.

CBD is very beneficial for anything from insomnia, mood, pain relief, inflammation, and more. But, in many cases, Canadians need a fast-acting and effective method. And vaping offers just that.

Using CBD Vape Pens

We mentioned that there are two types of vape pens. You’ve got disposable and refillable pens. Both are very similar but also very different.

Before you start anything, make sure to power off the pen by pressing the power button five times. Next up, fill the tank of the pen with the vape juice. Doing this is very easy as all you need is to take out the tank and pour in the liquid. Once you’re done with that, the next step is to press the inhalation button and start taking puffs.

As we mention in the previous point, always start small to see how the CBD affects you before gradually increasing the dosage.

How To Determine the Right Dosage?

We’ve talked about starting small and gradually increasing, but how do you know the correct dosage for you? Well, calculating this can be rather complicated as plenty of factors play a role. Some are your weight, your tolerance to CBD, your unique body chemistry, and more.

Not only that, but each vape juice has different potency and cannabidiol content. So you can imagine how difficult it can be to determine the proper dosage. This is why we recommend Canadians always start with a tiny puff.

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