How To Smoke Weed Without Smell

How To Smoke Weed Without Smell

Today, many people usually ask the question: How to Smoke Weed Without Smell?” We don’t know about you, but smoking indoors can set you in some complaints from your neighbours. If you are also a weed smoker, you might see how the people around you can be uncomfortable with the smell of weed smoke. Well! From the house itself to our teens, this guide is for the people who want to know How to not smell like cannabis after smoking.

Here, we have dropped some tips and hacks to help you keep your routine intact without affecting your rental accommodation or getting starry-eyed from the people around you. So, stick around this post and read on to the bottom line!

Here are the ways to keep your house & body stank free:

Get the Proper Accessories

Keeping yourself and your home smell-free is about getting proper accessories. At the same time, there’s no need to live in the high school memories and use satire. You can consider professional accessories such as vape pipes and holders. These can keep encompassing that will simulate the smoke your joints unwind.

Well! The Smoke Buddy is a well-known and safe device that won’t mess with your apartment environment. And it will kill all smells, leaving your clothes protected against weed smelling and keeping your next-door neighbour far away.

Smoke Smarter

Many people face issues in smoking weed and take the fear of getting caught by the smell. Here, the second thing that can help you is being mindful. We won’t suggest you go out with a joint. It can be a wrong thing with too much aroma going on in general. Be vigilant when smoking up outdoors. The odour can be bothersome to your next-door neighbour. Marijuana is still unlawful in most US states. Except you’re legally authorized to smoke weed in your home.

Exhale with Care

Smoke moves in the direction of the air. So, your exhaling matters a lot in this case. Practically, in a town where it’s legal to have weed in your apartment. It is not a good thing to have a stinky smell when your neighbours are upset by it. The dilemma is the smoking part. So, don’t blow that smoke just anywhere. Instead, try to exhale the smoke in an open area of your home, such as a lounge. You can also consider sitting beside the window – where there is an available plot, and the smoke won’t reach out to your neighbours.

Go Outside

Yet another tip that you can follow is going outside. We believe that our house would not be enchanting if we made it a spot to smoke weed. Right? Another most dependable way to save your house from stink is to step outdoors. We are not saying to visit a cafe or any other public place. However, you can use the garage, a car park, the garden. And let the smoke out away.

There are also extraordinary circumstances where you can stand on the toilet and blow smoke out the window. Walk into the garage to blow, or put the bong in the washing room with the shutter open because no one steps out in the laundry room.

Consider Air purifiers

A common but effective tip to smoke weed without smell is to use air purifiers. The best thing is you can explore air purifiers at Wal-Mart, eBay, Amazon, and other online platforms at cheap rates. Not only are they efficient and affordable, but also easy to use and quick. Besides, these are some products where users can spend a tiny amount and still get an acceptable way to keep the air in your house clean and smell-free.

Considering air purifiers is also a bonus point for houses with pets and kids with sensitivities. Believe it or not! But Air purifiers are a must for any family. You can keep one in your smoking area and more in the children’s rooms. Just a one-hand touch on the spray, and your home will become Smell-proof even after smoking.

Open Windows

Airing out your place is essential; you probably stink of smoked grass. It’s also a great way to purify your house after smoking. Always remember to open up a window and burn nearby. If the wind is blowing, it would be a plus. But make sure the direction because it may smoke back in.

Switch On Ceiling Fans

You can consider this step with the one that we have mentioned above. Yes, you read that right! You can turn a fan on that will help the smoke and smell not to step up. You can also turn on a handy fan towards the windowpane. It will help blow the smoke outdoors directly.

Try Scented Candles

Keeping your home setting cool and sassy is the first undertaking for everyone. With this thing in mind, don’t let weed-smoking ruin that. You can use scented candles all the time to make your home stank-free and mask the undesired odour of weed smoke. The best thing is you can get a variety of perfumy candles at your nearest stores.

Many online stores are also willing to sell scented candles. You can buy a fabulous bunch of candles with exceptional design and colour to neutralize and remove odour. You can also experiment with a variety of scented candles until you find your favourite one.

Use a Sploof

Another best thing that you can use to remove the stank from your smoking spot is a sploof. It is a homemade device designed to filter the smell caused by pot. It is a bowl-type thing that used to carry smoke and won’t let it explode. For example, when catching a punch, exhale the smoke into a sploof to help prevent a smell from emerging. These can get made with everyday household things as well. However, you can also buy a pre-made sploof from the drug store.

For making it at home: wrap a dryer sheet over one tip of a toilet paper tube, bounding it with a rubber strap. Now, stuff the tube partially with toilet paper. Then, it’s ready to use. So, don’t you think it’s handy to collect a couple of fresh dryer sheets in your stash?

Try a one-hitter

Now, it’s time to introduce you to another modern device that can help you remove the smell of weed smoke. It is the one-hitter portable device that users can use to smoke marijuana. It is a mechanical, reusable material that comes in to look something like a cigarette. You fill the machine with a small amount of pot and then inhale it like a cigarette. These One-hitters are like vaporizers that limit the smell to other means of smoking.

The good news is with a vaporizer, users can purchase a one-hitter online. In addition, if you live in a country where weed is legal for any purpose, you can buy a one-hitter at a drug dispensary.

Exclude the Smell from Breath

If you are a smoker, you know what the mouth smells like after smoking. You may yet have a deep scent of weed on your breath. You can get rid of this scent by eating mint-flavoured gum. You could also brush your teeth and then wash them with mouthwash. If you have any breathing pieces, think about using them to cover up the scent. So, also, be mindful not only before but after smoking to get rid of the smell.

Other Relevant Questions:

How can I make sure my home is odor-free?

You can consider scented candles, perfumes, and air purifiers to make sure that your home is odour-free. You can also follow the above-discussed tricks and tips to add perfection to your home all the time.

What about the kid’s stuff? Do they smell like weed?

No, Never! It doesn’t happen until we smoke weed in an embedded space and exhale directly onto the children’s items. It will only happen if you are smoking near your kid’s stuff. However, if you follow the above hacks, it won’t happen.

Why don’t I vape more when the kids are home?

Repeatedly, it seems to be a misunderstanding for stoner moms. In general, it’s wrong as it can set a bad impression on your kids. That’s why you shouldn’t use it often vape. However, it is the #1 suggested method for having a stank-free house. But when it comes to your kids, you should be careful. Notwithstanding, you can consider this thing when your kids aren’t home.

Should I take a shower right away?

Yes! You can take a shower right after smoking weed. As discussed, weed can settle up onto your breath and consequently on your body. However, you can take a shower to feel and smell good.


The 2020s lockdown measures and the backlash draw have made many people turn to weed. At the same time, this may be excellent for your comprehension. But, it might not be your neighbours’ preferred venture, especially when everyone is working from home and has more chances now to conceive and smell everything you do. However, curious neighbours are never entertaining. So, for you, it must be essential to be respectful and avoid disturbing them. Also, you should make sure that this weed smoking won’t bother your landlord. So, it is always better to stick to the above-discussed tips and smoke weed without the smell on the go!

You may not smell the weed on you after smoking, but everyone in your office will be hit by a wave of cannabis when you walk through the door. The scent of the herb permeates your clothes, and a good smell can mask the odour. If you smoke weed with a highly unpleasant odour or are too cold to open a window, your next test is to hide the smell.

If you find it difficult, try a few of these tips to hide the smell of smoking. Then, try one or more of these tips if you’re looking to smoke weed undercover – experiment to see what works best to conceal the smoky smell of marijuana from your favourite sticky strain. In addition to these five things when you smoke on the road, here are a few other things you can do before you start smoking to avoid smelling like weed.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to smoke weed in your room without smelling smoke or oozing smoke – or guilt – under your door. Keeping yourself and your home from smoking cannabis is a matter of common sense. Whatever you do, do not smoke a joint or a joint because the smoke is uncontrollable, and you will be caught. 

Also, remember to store your herb wisely so that the terpenes don’t spill out when you don’t even smoke. In addition, the cans will keep the greens fresh longer to block odour. It’s better than smoking in public places because they don’t smell that bad.

This is my biggest problem globally, so I have several proven ways to get rid of the weed smell after smoking. To protect me from awkward glances every time I go outside, I try to keep a few critical items on deck that allow me to progress in disguise and move among the insecure, like an odourless red-eyed ninja. Before your judgment gets a little hazy, pay attention to your surroundings, ensure you have what you need, and take last-minute precautions to avoid unexpected encounters. 

Maybe after drinking a little, you will think it is good to warm up the apartment. But, on the other hand, you may be smoking with inexperienced smokers, and someone drops the bong, letting the stench and smoke go away. 

When you smoke a joint in public, you not only smell this Dutch wrap, but you probably have sticky fingers from this wet herb, and it will bud. Apply liberally before returning to the office to hide the sticky smoke smell. If you are heading out immediately after smoking, wear outerwear when lighting to get rid of the smell. Sticking a damp towel into the slot at the bottom of the bathroom door will prevent smoke from escaping.

The habit of lighting scented candles throughout the day will help prevent weed odours from building up in your home as well. If you smoke in a hotel room, you can also get rid of the smell a little by lighting a scented candle. It is much more challenging to recognize the smell of marijuana smoke when there are other competing scents in the area.

If you light incense before smoking, you can prevent the smell of marijuana from spreading. In addition, incense is more likely to trigger a smoke detector than a scented candle.

Inhalation and inhalation of secondhand smoke can be harmful to health. For example, if you seriously think about it, people who inhale fire smoke can die after a long time. Likewise, if you inhale large amounts of THC-infused cannabis scent for a long time, you will get high too.

If you have just walked past someone who smokes marijuana, you might smell it. This is why some people may wonder if they can improve by smelling weeds. If you are lucky and have a friend who can help you understand how lucky you are, then the best way to know if you smell like weeds is to assume that you are probably stinky grass if you smoked clothes and didn’t bathe.

Most common smoking methods are challenging to hide, but several ways to consume marijuana without any unique smell. These various methods are the most effective ways to smoke unscented weed.

You can purchase air filters, which are fantastic air filters specially designed for a safe smoking period. They are cheap, easy to use, and work wonders when it comes to indoor smoking marijuana.

It will fit snugly in your bedside table drawer or bag, ready for you next time you want to smoke odourless weeds. Although this is not a tasteless way of smoking, it will have the same effect. No one would think that your chocolate cake is full of THC, making it equally inconspicuous.

Use a smoke, buddy. One of the oldest ways to use unscented weed is with a smoking buddy. Another way to use baking soda for this purpose is to place it on the surface where you smoke cannabis. For example, sprinkle plenty of baking soda on the surfaces of the vacuum cleaner where cannabis smoke is forming and vacuum a few hours later.

Ensure the fan is also on to remove the mixture of steam and smoke from the bathroom. If you don’t direct all the smoke directly into the fan, the room will still smell when you finish showering – a big problem if someone is waiting to use the bathroom right after that because it took you so long. The steam from the hot water will mix with the smoke and help disperse the odour. Instead of going further into the house, windows and fans blow out smoke.

If you want to be careful, make sure that no one else in your building can smell your room. Therefore, don’t panic if you’ll avoid this smell because you don’t want others to know. Remember, if you’re going to smoke, be smart and don’t drive-sit down and read all the ways to quickly hide the smell of grass.

Now let’s move on to our helpful tips on smoking in a room without creating an odour. To maximize your chances of getting high on the smell of marijuana, you need to lock yourself in an unvented room. If you need to smoke daily and don’t want to disturb others, you can create space.

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