How To Smoke Shatter

How To Smoke Shatter

Say the words “cannabis” or “marijuana,” and older people will automatically envision the traditional image of a joint wrapped in a rolling paper, being lit up and smoked in dimly lit corners or bars. However, we often hear the younger ones using new terms openly in the market where previous generations are lost and confused and may no longer understand.  Millennials and Gen Z generations will rarely mention the word “weed” anymore. Gone are the days that these are associated with the “hippies” and the “rock and rolls” of the ’60s and ’70s. Today’s generation is more open-minded and has adopted new innovative ways of using refined versions of the new CBD products.

What is a Shatter?

Shatters are cannabinoid extracts from the hemp plant which are repeatedly filtered to achieve a pure CBD extract. These are called “set” isolates produced through a chemical process using butane oil to extract the oils from cannabis. This process results in a high concentration of cannabinoid content, specifically THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), creating a more potent end product in various forms. One of them is called shatter, which resembles the look of shattered, amber-coloured glass. Shatter is now one of the most popular CBD purified products as it produces instant, intense highs instead of the usual gradual rising to peaks. The effects also last longer than the traditional products making this one the most popular CBD concentrate.

How will you consume shatter?

There are many ways to consume shatter, but they are all geared towards producing the same output – smoke or vapour. The most popular technique is “dabbing,” where you need to heat a nail made of glass or metal by blasting with a torch. Once heated, you can then place a small amount of shatter until it melts and produces vapour. Dabbing is done with equipment like a rig, a bong, a bowl, vaporizers, or vape pens. They call this equipment “tools,” which functions as gadgets for producing smoke or vapours that you can inhale and enjoy.

Can I smoke shatter with or without a rig?

You can get your whiff of a shatter fix with or without a rig. So, what is a rig, and why do I need to use it?  A rig is a glass pipe with a mouthpiece and a hole. It makes the shatter melts easily, quickly turning it into smoke that you can inhale through the rig. You need to insert a small nail made of glass or metal, heat it, then dab a small amount of shatter into it. You can then see how the oil will combust right away with a cloud of thick smoke. One of the best and easiest ways to do smoke shatter is with an electronic dab rig. You can check this out in the market.

If you do not have a rig, do not fret, for you can still smoke shatter without a rig. Most users had their first shatter use doing it the plain old way without using modern tools or gadgets. Get a bowl, fill it up with ground-up weed, drop some tiny pieces of shatter onto the pot, spark up and enjoy the smoke.

Cigar pipes are also a good alternative and can work well with shatters.  Some users mix the shatter with herbs. This method prevents THC from being burned as an open flame will not meet the shatter.

Another way is through the good old joint – roll a joint, add some oil into it and make sure to keep the shatter away from the ends.

How to smoke using a bong?

First, you need to have a banger which is a dish used to vaporize cannabis or shatter. Bangers can be made of glass, quartz, ceramic, or titanium. Each one of these materials retains heat differently. They also have different cleaning techniques. Next, you need to put a screen at the bottom of a clean bong bowl or banger. You can then place a mixture of dried flowers, herbs, and tiny drops of shatter and light them up using a butane lighter or ordinary match. You may even need to blow on the fire gently to keep them burning. Once combusted, you can now use a mouthpiece to inhale the smoke.

How to smoke shatter in a vape?

Using vape for smoking shatter is the same way when you use vape to smoke other concentrates. You may adjust the settings higher than usual after placing a small amount of the shatter directly into the heating element.  Warm it up and enjoy the vapour.

What about E-Nails?

The electric rig is a new and more convenient tool to use for smoking shatter. With the E-Nails, lighters, blow torch, and matches are no longer needed. In addition, the electric rig can provide a more convenient way of heating your nail for a faster way to combust the shatter.

Is it okay to use dab pens?

Another good option for shatter users is the dab pens. It is handy and portable, and you can bring them with you anytime and anywhere with less hassle. In addition, it heats up slowly and evenly, extracting the most flavour and cannabinoids from your dab without burning the substance.

Can I smoke shatter with a cigarette?

The good news is you can smoke shatter with your cigarette. It’s a DIY thing. The steps are simple. It will be like using the cigarette to melt and burn the shatter then enclosing it inside the bottle to contain the smoke. You will need a bottle with a hole at the bottom. Cover the bottle’s lid and place the lighted cigarette with the shatter dab inside the bottle through the hole at the bottom. Wait for the smoke to fill up the bottle, remove your thumb and inhale.

Smoking Shatter FAQ

Is Shatter Better Than Wax?

There is no way to tell if shatter is better than wax. They are both CBD isolates, made with the same process. They also bear the same colour of amber yellow but in different hues. Some say that wax is shatter, which does not solidify. However, they are similar in many ways even their effects are also the same. The only difference will be the actual look, texture, and colour. Shatter comes in a glass-like appearance, transparent and shinier. Wax is opaque and more yellow. Both are also consumed and used in the same way, through dabbing.

How Much is a Gram of Shatter?

The price of shatter varies depending on the place of purchase. The current market rate ranges from $40 to $60 a gram. Always make sure that you are buying quality products from legit and reputable sources. You always deserve to get your money’s worth when for your purchase.

Does Vaping Shatter Smell?

No one wants to smoke shatter and let the whole town know about it. Although it is more acceptable now, most people still prefer to be discreet about smoking shatter. Vaporization is still better than the usual combustion method when it comes to emitting odour or scents. So, yes, they will still smell when you use vape but not as strong as when you smoke. The smell will not last long and will not leave scent marks on your clothes and upholstery.

Does Shatter Contain CBD?

Shatter contains a highly concentrated dose of CBD.  As such, it is an excellent option for medical marijuana patients and other consumers interested in the potential health and wellness benefits of cannabinoids. Shatter and other CBD products can serve their purpose of alleviating pain in no time at all, especially for those severe medical cases like cancer. It can also help ease out and prevent epileptic seizures.

Keep Things in Moderation

Shatter, just like other CBD products, needs to be consumed in moderation.  Excessive amounts may also have their share of harmful side effects. Frequent unregulated use can lead to higher tolerance resulting to worse withdrawal symptoms.

Seasoned users enjoy this stuff because it gives them an instant high with just one hit. Behind this is the painful reality of greater risk. Like any other substance, it has several dangerous side effects – rapid heartbeat, blackouts, crawling sensations on the skin, loss of consciousness, psychotic symptoms such as paranoia, and hallucinations. Shatter must be consumed, as mentioned above, in tiny amounts only. Overuse may expose users to elevated levels of toxins and carcinogenic compounds.


Almost everyone knows that the use of marijuana or CBD products has many proven medical benefits. Thus, the product now has an increasing demand with a fast evolution of product form with new tools and gadgets for the users. We can use it, but we must always be clear of our purpose and maintain a sense of control.  Remember that when you do a dab, especially when using isolates like shatter, use only the smallest amount as this form is highly potent.

A lot of experienced CBD users are now choosing shatters as their primary choice for their requirements. Shatters are an excellent product for people who are looking for instant high with lasting effects. Just be wary that these products are not cheap and can be very costly. So we need to ensure that we will always smoke shatter responsibly.

Many smokers who consume concentrates believe that the best way to remove smoke is using electronic devices or electronic tools: e-rig and e-nail are two new tools used to apply concentrate. Again, e-nails are becoming more common (but expensive) and eliminate the need for a flashlight. 

They come in various shapes, but the most frequently used dabs are crumbs, waxes, BHO and solvent-free extracts such as rosin. Splinter, wax, oil, bud, ice wax and powder are forms of concentrate swabs of varying consistency that use techniques such as butane extraction (to produce BHO, also known as butane hash oil and other forms ).

A dab device is a unique bong designed to burn concentrates (such as shards and wax) rather than dry and hardened buds. While the rig looks like a bong rig, the big difference between the two is that it has a dome and nail instead of a standard bowl. So your best bet is to use a rig which is a bong-like rig that has fancy pipes/titanium/quartz nails and a vertical chamber.

Another standard method to smoke the debris is plumbing, or if you prefer that term or dab, it is a method with the longest tradition. Many people have documented it as being effective when delivering high-quality steam. 

As soon as the heated nail touches the concentrate, inhale through the mouthpiece of the smear attachment, apply wax to a hot nail and inhale through the voice and after the nail is at the correct temperature, take a small drop of wax on a swab using straight tweezers or a metal swab. Next, spray a wax, oil, dust, spatula, bud or bubble onto your nail and inhale. 

To use a smear, remove the cap, heat the nail, replace the dome, apply the dab to the nail with a dab tool, then inhale. When mounted on a hot nail after applying the shard (instead of the dome), the carburetor cap creates a mini oven that allows the cannabis concentrate to vaporize at lower temperatures.

The great thing about this rubbing technique is that you don’t need tightly packed concentrates like crumbs to disperse the concentrated THC nutrients into a regular tube by carefully placing the swabs in a bowl of crushed buds. 

When smoked this way dry, a minimal amount of smear can make a big difference, so enjoy it. If you have a bong with an herb bowl handy, you can also want this method.

It will need a butane torch to light the nail or dab nail and a tool to apply a small amount of discoloration. The easiest way to clean your nail is to burn off any remaining carbon or restore the nail with a flashlight; though, take a metal pad (usually made of quartz or titanium ) and pick up a small piece of the shard and apply it to your nail; thus the heat will not burn the fragment directly, but it will melt forever. 

If you smoke rubbish from a bowl, whether it be a spoon, vial or bong, this way you can easily smoke it – load the bowl as usual and then put the grinder or wax on top of the herb.

It can smoke as usual, and it gets very hot once it starts to smoke, it doesn’t go out as expected, so it’s best to keep hitting it so you don’t blow as much smoke into the air.

Because the heat you cover is not as hot as scalding, it retains many more sensitive terpenes and cannabinoids smoked with flowers. Concentrates such as crumbs, crumbs, wax or oil will often burn faster, so you need to tighten more when inhaling. Many people add ground cannabis to their shatter to avoid direct contact between the flame and the concentrate because the flame is so hot that it affects the taste.

Blotting is a simple method of placing the shard on a scorching surface, but it is ineffective. Applying the flakes to the chunks is the best way to control the aroma and flavour of the concentrate, as you can play with the temperature and clean the bowl each time for an excellent clean taste. Wait for all the alcohol to evaporate, scrape off the remaining fragment and repeat the tamponade.

Tend a heated nail or hammer wiper to melt the concentrate from the tool, take deliciously concentrated strokes, add them to a perfectly heated bath and inhale the released pure concentrated steam.

As fun and exciting as it sounds, smoking requires the proper knowledge of the concentrate to ensure a throat-free closure and a fantastic high. So anyone who says there is no wrong way to smoke weed hasn’t tried yet. However, those just starting to add smears can’t understand how they should smoke their broken wax.

Of course, you can twist it into a joint, but this is not recommended because you will not get the most from that. Instead, Vaping is usually the best way to use Shatter, although smoking with weed can be convenient and effective in a joint or bowl. However, if you want the most potent effects, you can try using Shatter with the Dab Rig, a consumption device designed to take full advantage of the power of cannabis concentrates such as Shatter.

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