The Easiest Way to Roll a Joint


The Easiest Way to Roll a Joint

Smoking concentrates, oils, and extracts from the cannabis plant are the fastest growing methods of taking weed. Despite that, smoking a joint or a blunt is still the most popular way of using marijuana.

A lot of beginners are hesitant to start rolling their own joints for various reasons. These reasons may include a fear of using too much weed or just the lack of the necessary skills needed for the job. But, worry not, rolling a joint involves simple steps that you can learn in one sitting. Moreover, you will find that smoking weed becomes more enjoyable when you do the rolling yourself.

You can opt to buy pre-rolled joints if you do not want to spend time rolling. Pre-rolled joints are often neatly rolled, consistent, convenient, and may save you the hustle of getting your hands dirty. However, pre-rolled joints can take away the few benefits of rolling your own joint, such as the enthusiast experience.

In this article, we will dive into the various methods you can use to roll the weed. We will also provide you with a list of the equipment you would need to get started. After learning the various steps needed to roll a joint, you can try a few tips and tricks to make the process much faster, smoother, and efficient.

Various ways of rolling a joint

Multiple cultures and marijuana enthusiasts have been able to come up with various ways of rolling their weed. All these methods are usually derived from fanatics who want to experiment with different ways of rolling the joint. However, the methods entail similar procedures regarding the rolling papers being used and how the cannabis bud is broken down for consumption.

They differ in how the rolling papers are arranged and rolled to form different shapes and sizes to sweeten the experience even further. Here are a few examples:

  1. The two-paper joint – is similar to rolling a one-paper joint but it uses two papers that can be attached to form an L-shaped joint or a much bigger joint by overlapping the two papers. 
  2. The shotgun joint – this one is made by rolling two joints and then attaching them side by side to make a shape that looks like a shotgun barrel.
  3. The triple braid – this joint has three smaller joints that are weaved into a triple braid and attached at one end, helping you smoke all three at the same time.
  4. The Dutch tulip – brought to prominence in Holland, this method copies the shape of a fragrant flower by having a thin joint attached to a cone-shaped massive bud. The huge flower-like tip contains a lot of weed that can be consumed without having to roll several joints.

Once you learn how to roll your joint, you can graduate to experiment with these methods. It is advisable to start small by using small amounts of marijuana, a minimum of ½ gram up to a maximum of 1 gram per joint. You will be able to roll these amounts in the normal-sized rolling papers that you can find online or in your local dispensary.

What are the requirements

Now that you know the few ways in which you can roll a joint, let us dive into what you need:

  1. Your preferred marijuana strain; the recommended amount is half, a third, or a full gram per joint.
  2. Rolling papers.
  3. A joint crutch – commonly referred to as a filter or tip.
  4. A weed grinder.
  5. A rolling tray or surface on which to roll the joint.
  6. A thin prismatic object such as a pen, chopstick, or any small stick to help you pack the finished joint.

The only requirements are the rolling papers and the cannabis strain of your choice. You can roll the joint without a grinder by using your bare hands; beware that you will get your hands sticky and very dirty. Moreover, it will be extremely tedious to perform the process regularly without the convenience of the grinder or even the filter.

Step by step procedure on how to roll a joint

Your first attempt at rolling a joint will probably not be perfect. The trickiest part is the packing and rolling stages that are discussed below. The trick is to be slow and smooth in your rolling. It is okay if it comes out terribly as compared to the pre-rolled ones. Rolling a joint is an art that many marijuana enthusiasts cherish and take time to perfect; it will take a few tries to roll a good one. So let’s get into it:

Source: The Stranger

Step 1: Break down your weed using the grinder

A weed grinder is a cylindrical toothed tool that helps you break down the marijuana buds without using your hands or brute force. It is a capsule with a compartment where you press your weed, cover it, and then twist the cap a few times to grind your weed easily. The result is fine-ground cannabis that you can smoke with ease.

If you lack a grinder, you can opt for a manual option like using your hands, key, cards, scissors, or a coffee grinder. You will get a finer grain texture with the grinder as compared to these other tools. Additionally, the grinder ensures your hands stay clean and non-sticky so that you don’t get them stuck to the rolling paper.

Step 2: Use a pre-made filter or make your own

You can buy pre-made filters or tips from smoke shops to help you hold the joint much easier. You do not need to use the filters, but it will make it easier to roll the joint and not get burnt when smoking it.

You may opt to make the filter on your own by using a piece of cardboard or any small piece of thick paper. To do this, cut a small piece of thick paper and roll it to make a small cylindrical tube. The width of the filter is dependent on the size of rolling paper you are going to use. As a rule of thumb, the size should be around half an inch for regular-sized joints and three-quarters of an inch for king-size joints. You are now ready to load the joint with your filter and rolling paper.

Step 3: Fill the rolling paper with the fine broken down weed

Use the rolling tray or surface to position the rolling paper. Pay attention to the adhesive side of the paper; it should face away from you to help seal the joint as soon as you wet the adhesive surface. Next, take the filter and place it on one side of the rolling paper. Use the side of the filter to hold the paper up as you proceed to load the fine-grained cannabis onto it.

Make sure you do not load the paper with excess weed since it won’t be easy to seal it, which will cause you to start this step all over again. Instead, you can sprinkle more on the opposite side of the filter so that it can form a cone when you wrap it up.

Step 4: Roll the loaded paper to make the joint

This is a step that can be tricky because of the delicacy it requires. With the loaded paper in your hands, use both of your hands’ fingertips to roll the paperback and forth. This will ensure the weed is evenly distributed into the cylindrical or cone shape that you want. Next, use the filter to hold the paper in place and guide its motion around the marijuana.

After the shape has been achieved and the joint is sealed, proceed to take the adhesive part and roll it to the furthest end to make a tight wrap. Then, with a little bit of moisture from your tongue, wet the adhesive part and smoothly line it up to seal the joint.

Step 5: Pack the joint by adding a few finishing touches

The last step is to use the pen, chopstick, or any small stick to tuck the weed in from the open end of the joint. This finishing touch helps you add in the weed that might have dropped on the tray when rolling the joint. In case the joint is filled to the brim, you can use the same process to add extra cannabis from the grinder to fill it up.

What is left after that is to close the open end and enjoy your smoke. Or just store it for later consumption.

Final words

There are some considerable benefits to rolling your joints, one of which is trust. Many dispensaries offer good quality pre-rolled joints that won’t contain any foreign materials to affect your experience. However, you may sometimes get a few bad seeds that will cut corners to make more profits. In such cases, rolling your own joint may be the very solution you have been looking for. It will not only safeguard you from doubt but also make you enjoy the experience more.

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