How To Make Cannabis Honey

How To Make Cannabis Honey


Cannabis honey (or CannaHoney) is the perfect delicious addition to a cup of tea or any sweet treat that you’d like to add a little zing to. It’s pretty easy to make and can be stored for up to 6 months, which means that it makes a great gift, too. This easy recipe is fun to follow, and we’ll give you some tips, too! Plus, we’ll answer some of the more frequently asked questions about CannaHoney.

 You can make this at-home herbal remedy with any honey (we suggest local honey, as this will give you the added benefits of reducing any allergic reactions to pollen) and with your choice of marijuana. If you would not like the psychoactive effects, you could try using a nonintoxicating high-CBD weed strain. This will give you what is called a good “body high” and can help to relieve any aches and pains you may have.

First, Turn Up the Heat!

The first step to making any edibles is to decarb your marijuana to ensure you get the effects of the THC. Believe it or not, your raw, unheated buds don’t have any THC in them! This is why you need to activate them before you can cook with them. Luckily this process is pretty straightforward.

  • Grind up your weed using a grinder, or your fingers. It should resemble small pebbles, rather than a powder.
  • Spread your ground buds onto a cookie sheet and bake at 250° F for 20 minutes.
  • Now you’re ready to make CannaHoney!

The decarboxylation will stink up your kitchen with the smell of fresh herb for about 30 minutes after cooking, and we suggest opening the windows to let in the fresh air.

It’s CannaHoney Time!

First, you’ll need to wrap a ¼ ounce of decarbed weed in a cheesecloth and tie it with string. This will ensure that your honey isn’t flecked with bits of weed.

You can also add other herbs like vanilla, rose, basil, thyme, rosemary, or lavender for some extra flavour.

Next, pour one ⅛ cups of honey into a slow cooker or crockpot, and add your cheesecloth bundle of weed.

Cook on low heat for 6-8 hours, and make sure that you stir it every couple of hours to move the weed around.

Remove your bundle of marijuana and let it cool, then squeeze it to remove every last drop of honey. You can even add this cheesecloth bundle to your cup of tea to ensure you get all of your sweet weed out of it.

To ensure freshness, keep it in an airtight container in a shady spot. This should help it to last about eight months.

Top tip!

Many first-time edible-eaters make a mistake: they eat a teaspoon, then after an hour when they aren’t feeling anything, they take another teaspoon, only for the first one to kick in minutes later. While there is no danger in eating more than one teaspoon, being too high can be a rather unpleasant sensation, and edible highs tend to last a few hours. We suggest trying out half a teaspoon and seeing how you feel after 90 minutes. Remember that you can always have more, but once you’ve eaten it, there’s no going back.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Will CannaHoney Work in Tea?

Yes! One of the most common uses of CannaHoney is to sweeten tea. Add a teaspoon into your morning cuppa and watch as the day unfolds in slightly brighter colours.

Can I Make CannaHoney on the Stove?

Yes, you can! Once your weed is decarbed, add it to the bundle (option to add other herbs here), then drop the bundle into your honey in a double boiler set over simmering water. Allow the herbs to infuse the honey for about 45 minutes, and then strain and store.

Which is Better – CannaButter, Canna Oil, or CannaHoney?

This entirely depends on you and what you’re in the mood for. If you’re making a savoury recipe, we would recommend using CannaOil or CannaButter. Still, sometimes the sweetness of the CannaHoney can complement a savoury dish nicely, like if you’re using it as a marinade for chicken or tofu or if it’s in a stir fry. 

The main benefit of CannaHoney is that you don’t need any additional ingredients to get rid of the taste of the weed so that you can eat a teaspoon. But, of course, you can also add it to any baked goods or your bowl of oatmeal porridge!

Can CannaHoney spoil or mold?

Yes, it can. Make sure to store your honey in an airtight container in a dark place, and this will keep it fresh for up to 6 months.

Can I put CannaHoney in the Microwave?

It is recommended that you make the CannaHoney first in a slow cooker or double boiler. However, once your honey has been made, you can, of course, microwave it together with additional ingredients for any recipe.

What Can I Make with my CannaHoney?

CannaHoney is super versatile, and there is pretty much no limit to what you can make with it.

You can use it to replace some or all of the honey in baked goods like honey cake, or mix it into the honey you’d use in a vinaigrette and drizzle it over a salad. You could add it to oats, tea, or marinade. The sky is the limit!

How bad will it smell when I decarb my weed?

Well, not as bad as you might think. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you will be able to smell marijuana when you walk in the door while the weed is baking. If the windows are open, it is unlikely that anyone outside of your house will be able to smell it. The smell shouldn’t linger longer than 30 minutes, especially if you have windows open and a fan running. We suggest lighting a scented candle or some incense or cooking something like onions or garlic, which have an overpowering smell.

When honey and hemp are mixed and slowly cooked at low temperatures, the best parts of the hemp plant-terpenes and cannabinoids are separated from the plant material and remain in the honey. CBD honey is made by infusing hemp into honey using light and heat. Hemp-infused CBD or THC honey is versatile and easy to use as a last resort.

On toast and muffins until the coffee is sweetened (coffee with honey?). And once you add cannabis honey, you have a cannabis infusion that you can easily add to any dish that can have a little sweetness and a lot of smiles. Of course, you can get more flies with honey, but if you add cannabis to this honey, you can also add an ear-to-ear smile, a strong body and occasional laughter to the mixture. Cannabis-infused honey is easy to make, easy to use, and can be added to anything from cookies and pies to coffee and tea.

Cannabis and honey make a great pair as they can form the basis of many different tincture recipes. You can use cannabis honey in many ways; some of its favourites have already been seen; on toast, in coffee or tea, on spoons or as a sugar substitute for traditional cooking. In addition, you can use hemp honey (or “hemp honey”) to make all kinds of recipes that require honey or make a cup of hot tea genuinely divine.

Medicated honey makes adding cannabis to a healthy lifestyle more manageable, especially since fat-based infusions are not required. Adding medicated honey to sauces provides valuable flexibility in menu planning, making correct dosage very easy. Keeping medicated honey on hand, along with basic infusions such as cannabis oil and tinctures, provides more flexibility in cannabis preparation. 

It’s a simple and easy way to make cannabis honey without the traditional, ridiculously sticky brewing process that might not even be as effective. To make this infused honey, you need to use decarboxylated cannabis. Then, the dried cannabis flower needs to be heated to activate the THC and CBD cannabinoids. Thus, the THC in your cannabis flowers can effectively bind to the drug, and you can get the psychoactive effects you are looking for from this tasty and healthy edible.

To make honey, you can activate the herb by cooking it on a baking sheet; however, using a precision brew designed to consume cannabis activates a more significant percentage of these beneficial compounds. So, to give honey the psychoactive effects of cannabis, you first need to decarboxylate the buds to activate the THC they contain. Therefore, when you’re trying to make an edible marijuana recipe, you need to start the THC in the weed through a decarboxylation process before using it to make cannabis honey. One of the most popular ways to make cannabis honey is to take decarboxylated weed and use cheesecloth to hold the cannabis in and dip it in honey.

If you don’t care about honey, you can use this same technique to add other natural sweeteners like maple syrup. When the honey and water soup is hot, you can add cannabis. In a litre jar, mix honey and cheesecloth with cannabis and close the lid. Place a towel on the bottom of the multicooker under the jar and add water until it sinks into the honey. 

Pour enough water into the multicooker so that there is all the honey in the jar around it. Remove honey and cannabis from heat and strain through cheesecloth into a new jar. Until then, put the honey in an earthenware pot at a very low temperature and let it warm up. Pour the honey and marijuana from the multicooker into the storage jars.

Place the decarboxylated cannabis directly into the honey jar and simmer in a water bath for about 40 minutes, being careful not to boil. Combine the hemp and honey in a double boiler to slightly heat the stove. While stirring, bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 1 hour. Add coarse cannabis product. Keep heat low (160 ° F to – never above – 200 ° F) and simmer for 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally.

Make sure you turn the foil over and stir the cannabis several times so that all the marijuana cooks evenly. Next, whisk together medicated honey, mustard, and vinegar in a small bowl.

Pour the honey over the decarburized cannabis garnish, then stir to remove any air bubbles. When the honey has cooled, pour it onto the cheesecloth funnel and let it drain freely. When the honey is cold enough to touch, remove the gauze from the jar and squeeze out as much mucus as possible. With the contents (cannabis and honey), place the jar in a multicooker or multicooker, close it and place it on the stove. 

To decarboxylate cannabis, heat it in an oven at 240 degrees Fahrenheit for 25-30 minutes. To cook cannabis honey on the stove, you first need to decarboxylate the trimmings. If you are determined to make honey from your kidneys, you first need to decarbonize the material and then cook for a while in a double boiler with oil to transfer the activated THC.

If you don’t have the concentrates needed to make the BHO coconut oil used in this medicated honey recipe, you can use a different cannabis-based material. Although many herbs are easy to mix with honey, cannabis does not contain the fat needed to bind to honey. While you can make honey infused with any cannabis plant, I prefer strains high in CBD with minimal THC. Once the marijuana-infused honey is ready, it can be stored and used whenever you add some cannabis to your food. 

We will decarboxylate honey in a slightly different way than in Part 2 (Coconut Oil Recipe). Before preparing the infusion, you need to decarboxylate or “decarbonize” the cannabis flower you are using. Skipping this step will result in weaker or inactive finished products.

If the cannabis you use in your infused honey contains between 1% and 5% THC, you will start to feel something (depending on your experience with weed). The great thing about converting butter to honey with this medicated honey recipe is that you can easily increase or decrease THC depending on the dosage you want. 

You can also substitute regular honey for hemp and other herbal honey in many recipes. However, a mixture of herbal and regular honey works well for recipes that require a lot of honey. In most cases, hemp honey is made by wrapping hemp in cheesecloth and soaking it in warm honey for several hours.

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