How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System Fast

A drug is among the most feared experience felt by almost every individual, regardless of whether you take drugs or not. Even in jurisdictions that allow marijuana use for medicinal and personal use, some jobs still have a drug test among their job interview requirements. Random drug testing also proves common in employment, and a positive result might cost your job. Regardless of the situation, you still need to be familiar with how THC functions in the human body.

You are at an advantage if you know when the test will happen since you have some time to plan for the test. Detoxification is the most common approach you can use to prepare your body for the approaching drug test. If you are a cannabis lover and find yourself in a situation that requires a quick detox, this article features practical approaches to getting weed out of the system fast.

What Drug Tests Search for?

Traces of THC, cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol, and its metabolites are what the drug test look for in your specimen. The most common type of drug test is using human urine as a specimen. Most health professionals prefer it because THC remains attached for a long and it is easier to collect. THC-COOH is the primary metabolite sought for by the drug screening and is stored in body fat.

What Does Marijuana Leave Behind?

Understanding your body relates to the toxicology of cannabis is essential in finding the ideal approach to getting weed out of your system fast. You can feel the immediate and profound effects of THS after taking cannabis. However, the effect does not last long, and only the marijuana metabolites are left behind, proving the presence of chemical remnants in your system.

A drug test can detect the presence of marijuana in fingernails, urine, saliva, and hair. These are the available drug test options, with the urine test being the most common while saliva being the most affordable of the available options. According to Nicolas Rosetti, marijuana is detectable for up to nine months since the body fat cells store the remnants.

Types of Drug Tests

Urine Drug Test

Urine tests are the most common test options in our society, primarily because of their simple collection process. Employers request a urine test approximately thirty to forty-five days, while the lab emphasizes fresh urine samples to act as examination samples. Before concluding, the health professionals handling the samples will examine marijuana use indicators, Ph, colour, and temperature.

Nowadays, labs require you to provide the urine sample at their location, and home samples are rejected. Did you know that urine taken hours ago cannot pass the drug test as a valid sample because of its temperature? Other institutions require mandatory supervision during the test to avoid individuals sneaking planning to swap urine samples. The urine drug test shows if you have consumed opiates, alcohol, opioids, or methamphetamines.

Blood Test

Blood tests are the most effective drug tests, but it features the most complicated process. Only a licensed practitioner can who is familiar with drawing blood can administer a blood test. Sample analysis takes place in the lab, where they analyze for specific elements which may indicate marijuana use. The test can detect marijuana use dating back to three weeks. Repeated heavy usage is an aspect that prolongs the detection period because of THC concentration in your blood. Other detectable drugs by blood tests include nicotine and alcohol.

Hair Test

Health practitioners can also use hair follicles to detect if an individual has consumed a drug previously. Its effectiveness stretches from five days before the test up to four months, heavy usage being a significant determinant of the detection period of each sample. The concept behind the hair test is not that complicated. It explains that drug metabolites penetrate the scalp through blood vessels, filtered and stored.

Saliva Test

The saliva test is more involved in testing for any recent drug use. It can confirm marijuana usage and opiates, cocaine, and methamphetamines consumed in the last few days. For cannabis sage, the detection window shortens to only a few hours before the test. The test requires you to either swab saliva from your mouth using a tool provided or spit in a tube. After sample collection, they will test for marijuana remnants and give the appropriate results.

Approaches to Getting THC out of your system fast

Detox Drinks

Detox drinks are among the most effective approaches you can take advantage of to get THC out of your system quickly. The drink works under the same concept as water, whereas its primary objective is to deceive the drug test by adding proteins and vitamins to your URINE sample. Your pee will diminish by adding these elements, and the THC metabolites will read below 50ng/ml. A simple definition of the entire process is very much similar to adding sugar to your coffee.

These detox drinks are incredibly effective in lowering THC levels in your urine. Multiple manufacturers deliver detox drinks in the market, and Mega clean is among the best drinks you should consider. According to TestClear, you need to drink the solution three hours before taking the test while it begins working an hour after consumption. It lasts up to five hours in your system, giving you some wiggle room to get to your test appointment and provide a transparent sample.

The manufacturers advise drinking the entire bottle, waiting fifteen minutes, filling the bottle with water, shaking, and drinking the remaining content. You should expect to pee soon because of the liquid intake in your body within the first hour, meaning that the detox drink is practical. For better results, abstinence from cannabis for at least forty-eight hours is recommended, and pre-cleanse tablets are also necessary.

If you need to beat a drug test and have limited time, this is the best approach for you. Regardless of how heavy a smoker you are, detox kits will prove effective in guaranteeing favourable results in your upcoming tests. However, it is essential to note that the products only work for urine drug tests, it will not work on blood, saliva, and hair samples.

Detox Kits

Detox kits create another approach to get weed out of your system fast. They are programs that take five to ten days to effectively eliminate drug components from your system; they include detox medications, dietary fibres, and beverages. All these components play vital roles in getting weed and other drugs out of your system, allowing you to pass your drug test. According to numerous academic research institutions, using detox kits is the only reliable approach you can take to clear THC from your system quickly.

Unlike other ways, detox kits will eliminate only THC remnants leaving all the other urine indicators intact and detectable during testing and analysis. While detox drinks only clean your urine sample for a day or two, detox kits guarantee a permanent THC flush. Toxin rid ranks highly among the available detox kits available in the market, primarily because of its effectiveness and health-friendliness.

A frequent user will require weeks to flush THC components off their systems thoroughly. The toxic red detox kits facilitate drugs flushing out and reduce the period by up to 50% if you follow the instructions carefully. In less than a week, you are guaranteed a clean body and can take the drug test confidently expective pleasant results. The good thing about this product is that it is available in varying lengths, from one to ten-day kits, and your drug use will determine the course to take.

Avoiding heavy exercise routines is among the health providers’ instructions for all users planning to begin their detox kit programs. Your fat cells are the main target of the detox kit components, and exercising will only worsen by reversing the kit’s impact. Although these kits are effective, they are pretty expensive, and not most individuals can afford the highly successful ones.

Home Remedies

It is not a must that you spend your money on detox drinks and kits to flush weed out of your system fast. Instead, various home remedies prove effective in handling the task; so, if you have a tight budget, here are some home remedies to consider. Lemon juice and water are among the most common home remedy approaches used by most cannabis users expecting a drug test soon. Advantages to opting for home remedy approaches are saving on money and doing them without leaving your home.

Lemon juice is generally categorized as a detox drink by numerous cannabis-based blogs and wellness gurus. They facilitate the detoxing process by removing THC remnants and other drug toxins from your body, allowing you to pass your drug test. They are also high in antioxidants, making them a great source of minerals, vitamins, and soluble fibre. The vitamin C found in lemons and other citrus fruits also prove effective in eliminating THC metabolites from your system but in small amounts.

If you plan to use lemon juice as a detoxing technique, mix 500ml of water with one tablespoon of lemon juice and sip slowly for several hours. Aim to drink the mixture at least eight times a day in the week leading to the drug test. Specialists recommend drinking more of this lemon mixture if you are a heavy marijuana smoker. The acidic content of the solution may cause digestive issues for individuals with specific medical conditions, so be sure to confirm with your health provider if you experience any pain during your detoxing program.

Water as a home detoxing remedy is not as effective as lemon. The trick is to drink as much water as possible; it will leave you peeing clean and dilute your urine, clearing any THC remnants before taking the test. Drink plenty of water in the hour leading to the test. Although submitting a urine sample that is ultra-clean and transparent is suspicious, it is better than providing a sample with THC remnants.

Cranberry Juice

Fluids, juices, and fruits in large quantities are also an approach you can use to get weed and other drugs out of your system fast. Cranberry juice is among the most recommended detoxing methods that guarantee pleasing results in most cannabis users. Although the science behind this approach is not very straightforward, feedback from individuals who have tried it shows it is effective in clearing THC remnants. It is essential to confirm that you do not have any cranberry allergies before consuming the juice. If not sure, start by drinking small amounts and observe how your body reacts to its consumption.

You need to prepare and drink the cranberry juice for at least a week before your drug test scheduled date. Twenty-four hours after your cleansing day, buy two litres of natural cranberry juice and drink it. The juice contains a lot of fructose and sugar, so it would help to be wary of this to avoid damaging your liver. Choose a setting you are comfortable with since its natural aspect will cause you to urinate more often than usual. Drinking the entire two-litre bottle may be fatal, so drink it in portions within 24 hours.

Health specialists recommend splitting the bottle into two glasses and drinking one every few hours. To increase the program’s efficiency, individuals take Vitamin B supplements which add a splash of colour to their urine. The supplement addition also reduces suspiciousness levels from the health practitioner conducting the test by making your sample more normal.

Hair Shampoo

The best method to pass a hair drug test is using dedicated detoxing shampoos. However, hair drug tests are the hardest to pass if you have a history of marijuana and other drug use since the analysis process is more complex than other tests. It involves taking a hair sample from your head and measuring 1.5 inches from your scalp for analysis. Analysis of this sample will expose any drug use in the past three months, or even more depending on your drug use frequency.

There are cutoff points when analyzing THC, and other drug remnants since outside exposure may introduce small drug quantities in your hair. Therefore, we recommend you use Old Style Aloe toxin Rid shampoo to try and pass the hair drug test if you have used any drug in the near past. It features a formula that effectively proves to minimize drug accumulation in your scalp and hair strands.

To get to the test more confident, it would help if you have a hair testing kit at home to test yourself before the scheduled date. The home testing kit includes propylene glycol that dissolves drug molecules as a solvent. In addition, you can use other products to try and pass a hair drug test, research further, and find one you are more comfortable using.

Is it Possible to Detox When Pregnant, and How Do You Do It?

Detoxing when pregnant is possible; however, you are limited to the approaches you can take. Detoxing is not always about passing a drug test; you may want to clean your body to guarantee a clean body for the fetus to develop ideally. Most of these toxins left in your body by marijuana and drug use are harmful to a developing fetus and may result in future complications on your baby. Regardless of the approach you take, be sure to confirm with your doctor as pregnancy puts you in a fragile state that requires special attention.

Drinking water and other detoxing methods that do not require chemical consumption are pregnant individuals’ best options. It would be best if you detoxed under medical assistance in case anything goes wrong. Your doctor will recommend more body-friendly medications that will guarantee a safe detox for you and your baby.

Home and Lab Drug Tests; Which are More Accurate?

Lab drug tests are relatively less accurate than home tests because of several factors, primarily because of the sample handling techniques. Temperature and time are other external elements that may affect the accuracy of the drug tests. According to a report in 2015, most of the tests done at home were urine tests, and the possibility of failing was extremely low. Like the blood drug test, some tests require specialized equipment, which limits the test to laboratories.

Are Two Weeks Enough to Prepare for a Drug Test?

Your metabolism is the primary determinant of how long you have to prepare for a drug test, either faster metabolism or slower metabolisms. Age, sex, and weight are also equally important, making the period for preparation vary with every individual. For example, a highly contracted THC product will last longer in your system than a low-concentrated product. Another study showed that it takes longer for THC to leave the system for heavy marijuana users, requiring them to take longer and more involved detoxing processes.


Access to the internet has simplified the research process for finding the best ways to get weed out of your system fast. The mentioned approaches are more than effective in ensuring you get the job of your dreams despite your marijuana consumption. Read the article, decide which method is best for your detoxing needs, and carefully follow the instructions for desired results.

Water can replenish your body with water and help expel toxins faster, but drinking more water can keep your body healthy and adequately hydrated, which is the most beneficial when removing THC toxins and their metabolites—one of the activities. So, for best results, make sure to drink enough water to balance caffeine.

Drinking water and diuretics help flush the weed out of the body, but they thin the urine excessively, making it pale. To get a urine sample tested, water does not appear like a magic elixir, but a significant amount will dilute the urine and make it clear. Drinking water hydrates your body and is one of the best ways to flush out cannabis from the body.

This THC detox kit will replete your system permanently of the THC levels tracked, unlike same-day detox drinks, which keep your urine clear for hours. In addition, this THC detox kit can help you test if your body is retaining residual THC long after you smoke or use it. Finally, this detoxification routine detects not only residual THC but many other contaminants as well.

They cannot guarantee 100% detoxification of THC and other toxins found in the herb but can help to reduce their presence significantly. In addition, THC detox drinks work quickly and can provide a period during which you can take a marijuana drug test, while THC detox kits are designed to provide longer-lasting cleansing for days or even days.

One is a short-term emergency solution, and the other a long-term solution. You can find great detox pills that are best suited for one or two hours, but not only that, but they will likely keep you in a safe area for up to six hours.

The only thing to remember is to avoid all types of toxins for at least 48 hours before taking the test. Detox drinks and THC tablets are a guaranteed way to get rid of weeds in your body and get tested for drugs, but it is essential to remember that their effect is limited to a few hours after the agent is excreted and ceases to work. The detox pills are activated in just one hour and cleanse any unwanted toxins’ urine, blood, and saliva.

This product is formulated to remove all these unpleasant THC contaminants from your body while filling it with many vitamins and minerals. This mixture of citric acid and water will allow your body to flush out toxins quickly. This diluted lemon juice can be consumed multiple times in the days leading to the test and ensures that residual toxins are not trapped in the system.

Since water flushes out toxins from your body, detox drinks lute your urine with THC metabolites by adding creatine or other vitamins and minerals; don’t expect it to remove traces of THC from your body magically; he will hide them; to find the perfect detox pill, you need to note that it shouldn’t interfere with any other metric in your urine sample other than THC as this could raise suspicions.

Toxin Rid uses only herbs, vitamins and minerals to help with drug detoxification. At the same time, it does not harm the hair but quickly removes all harmful toxins, chemicals, pollutants etc. That can be troubling. 

Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo cleanses the hair follicles of traceable THC and can help you pass a drug test by clearing your hair of any signs of such substances as cannabis.

The only way to get rid of marijuana quickly and prepare for a urine drug test is to eliminate THC from your body; your body’s THC levels drop every hour when you don’t use weed; so the detox kit eliminates this THC through urine and pooping.

The THC detox kits that we recommend are designed to remove impurities and toxins from your system and rejuvenate your body before a urine drug test. Detox kits and other detox home remedies are intended to mask or reduce the presence of drugs in the body.

How THC is metabolized also affects the duration of drug tests that can detect THC for up to 90 days in hair, three days to a month or more in urine, up to 48 hours in saliva, and up to 36 hours in urine blood. Typically THC is found in hair for up to 90 days, in blood for up to 3 days or more (depending on how often people use it) and in saliva for up to 48 hours and blood for many days… 

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