What do I do if I have paid an incorrect amount?

Before each order moves to the next stage of processing, we ensure that the amount received matches the total on the order number. In the event a payment does not match the specified order total, the following will happen:

You paid too much: As much as we appreciate the tip, we cannot in good practice keep any extra amount that is sent to us. We will contact you via email (if you haven’t reached out to us already) and return the excess amount, or if you choose so we can also generate a custom coupon to be used at your next purchase (that matches the value of the excess paid).

You paid too little: If the amount you have paid is less than the amount due for your order we will contact you via email and request that the difference be paid before we begin processing your order for shipping. Once the difference has been confirmed on our end, we will resume processing your order as normal.

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