Can You Vape Kief?

Can You Vape Kief?

If you look at cannabis flower, you can notice beautiful little crystals covering the plant. Those crystals are called trichomes, which, when collected, create something called kief. This article will discuss everything you have to know about how to vape kief, how to get it, use it, and other related questions.

What is kief?

Kief is considered a byproduct of marijuana and is categorized as a concentrate or a hash product. So if you have cannabis, it means you have kief, too. But there is no need to smoke the entire cannabis. In this case, you have to remove those little trichomes from the weed and then produce a concentrate.

So, trichomes are little balls like crystals that form on the surface of the cannabis plant. The most potent concentration of cannabinoids exists in those crystals.

After removing those crystals from the cannabis flowers, you will see a substance-like product of a beige colour. That powder is pure kief. That product consists of small pieces of hardened resin, and you can find it in the bottom of cannabis grinders or containers. These trichomes are more potent in contrast to a typical bud.

Kief is the particular type of concentrated marijuana that is achieved naturally. There is no need to use chemicals or high-cost pieces of equipment to get kief. It is a 100% pure, super-potent product.

Ways to vape kief

Many cannabis consumers are sure that there is no way to vape kief. In some ways, they are right. Those who tried vaping ended up with bad results: disgusting aftertaste and a clogged vaporizer.

However, there are a couple of methods to vaporize kief.

Vaporizing pure kief like hashish.

One of the methods to vaporize kief involves the same process of vaporizing hashish. First, you have to put your kief in the middle of ground marijuana flowers while packing your chamber of vape. Then, you need to heat it to 210 degrees Celsius and higher to enjoy your weed.

Turn kief into an infused liquid and vape it.

For this method, you have to get two additional ingredients. They are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin for making kief into a fluid to vape. You can get the ingredients quite easily from online shops at low prices.

Plus, you have to get some other things: a coffee filter, a cooking pot for double boiling, a glass or metal bowl, some syringes, and don’t forget about the most crucial ingredient- kief.

Now let’s see how to make an infused kief liquid with the step-by-step guide.

  • First, you must fill the pot with water and put your metal or glass bowl over it to make a double boiler.
  • Second, you have to add propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in a 1:1 proportion into the boiler.
  • Third, it’s time for kief. You have to add your kief to the mixed matter, let it melt, and wait for it to boil. It’s recommended to mix the components lightly until you get a smooth consistency.

Tip: To create a liquid of your lovely flavour, you can add your preferred e-cigarette flavour to the ingredients.

  • If you add a flavour to the mix, set it to overheat for a few seconds to soften.
  • Next, you have to pour the mixture into the coffee filter over a container. This process is for removing the particulate matter.
  • Let the mixture cool for a while. But don’t let it cool completely as it gets thick, making it difficult to fill up the cartridge of the vaporizer.

It’s always recommended to get only the 99% to sift kief if you want to make an infused liquid to fill your e-cigarette cartridge. This is because it’s the purest type of kief. Instead, if you have a low-grade kief that contains a large quantity of cannabis and particulate matter, it will affect the taste of the liquid and will likely clog your vaporizer.

How to collect kief?

You don’t have to put much time and energy into making kief. It is a simple weed concentrate to prepare. The best way to collect kief is by grinding cannabis that is dried and cured correctly. The process of gathering trichomes will be challenging if your cannabis is moistened or inaccurately dried.

The most common method of gathering kief is using a multi-chamber weed grinder. A grinder with three layers is perfect to start the process.

  • First, you must put your cannabis flowers or plant matter between plastic or metal teeth in the first chamber and grind it until it becomes a powder.  
  • Second, the cannabis powder falls into the second chamber through the small holes and gathers on the mesh chamber.
  • Third, the ground cannabis matter cannot pass through the mesh. Instead, the little trichomes easily pass through it to the third chamber. 
  • And finally, you have to wait for a little to see the result. Then, the gathered kief is ready to use as you wish.

This homemade method involves collecting kief containing lots of cannabis matter. However, there is another effective and professional method to collect kief. You can get the so-called ‘kief box,’ with several mesh chambers set up into a wooden box. Using this kief box, you can filter various types of kief until you collect a clear product.

Clear filtered kief carries only little trichome crystals. Therefore, kief that contains cannabis matter is considered a second-rate product.

In contrast to other cannabis products, which usually contain 12 to 25 % THC, kief contains up to 70 percent THC. But the purest kief contains 99% THC and trichome.

Other ways of consuming kief

If you already have your kief, then you can decide how to consume it. This powder of trichome is used in various techniques and provides a strong psychoactive high.

There are plenty of ways to use kief;

Many consumers like smoking kief by combining it with the tops of buds into the joint or pipes. Also, it is possible to smoke kief in a pipe, but with some caution. Don’t forget that it is much stronger in contrast to your bud that you can use every day.

Another method to consume kief is sprinkling it into your coffee or tea. It’s recommended to add 4 grains (250 mg or a quarter of a gram) into your coffee or teacup. The high temperature is ideal for activating cannabinoids. It produces long-lasting and strong effects.

Kief can also be consumed with your preferred dishes, or you can add it to your lovely edibles instead of a bud.

Using a titanium screen for hash-smoking or a stainless screen on top of a glass pipe is another method to consume kief.

If you want to smoke and inhale, pressing the kief to make hash or making it into an oil for vaping are the best methods. But, don’t be surprised- you can also vape kief.

Always be very careful!

The marijuana industry, unfortunately, remains quite uncontrollable, especially when it concerns THC oils, concentrates, and edibles. The uncontrolled market caused many dangerous products to be sold. Many manufacturers without a license are adding Vitamin E Acetate to their THC vaping liquids.

What’s the reason for adding Vitamin E Acetate to the liquid? The manufacturers add Vitamine E Acetate as it can thicken the THC vaping liquid. In addition, it makes the liquid seem like a high-quality product.

Vitamin E Acetate is the synthetic variant of Vitamin E, and its contaminants enter and harm your lungs. It causes severe damage.

Vaping concentrates containing this dangerous chemical ingredient leads to the EVALI breakout. EVALI is an injury of the lungs usually caused by vaping and e-cigarettes.

Remember! Never buy vaping liquid products containing Vitamin E Acetate. Its use can cause severe lung problems and even death.

Luckily, there is an excellent method to make an infused liquid from kief for vaping. We introduced it in the article to safely enjoy your vaping liquid without harming your lungs.

Final Thoughts

The article informed you about the essential things you have to know about kief, including how to get it, various ways of consuming it, the best ways to vaporize kief, and warnings about vape liquids.

You have several choices for how to use kief: smoking, drinking, or eating. From now on you can easily make kief and enjoy it as you wish.

And, if you are a lover of vaporizers, then try our fantastic recipe and discover the wonders of vaping kief.

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