Best Ways to Smoke Hash

Best Ways to Smoke Hash

If you are looking for the best way to smoke your hash, you should first know there is no safe way. Regardless of the purity of the hash, even if it is pesticide-free, there is no one method of consuming hash that can guarantee you 100 percent safety.

When it comes to the best way to smoke hash, you will have to consider how easy the method is; if it takes a lot of time, if it needs a skilled person, if it is messy, if it is expensive, and if it possesses any health risk to the person and the environment around.

Another critical factor is the wastefulness of the method; if a smoking method wastes a lot of hash, then we can conclude it is not a good way. However, every person has a unique experience with marijuana, which means that the best way to smoke hash will boil down to personal preference and expertise.

What is hash and what makes it special?

Hash, which is short for hashish, is a highly potent form of weed formed from the trichomes of the cannabis plant.  The hashish has a soft and pliable texture but can also be stiff and brittle in consistency, depending on the hash type and the production method.

The colour of hash is ordinarily black, brown, green, red, blonde, or yellow. However, the colour might look slightly different in shades of the earlier colours, depending on how the production was done and what mistakes were made.

Hashish is the most concentrated form of a solvent-free cannabis product with high levels of THC. The marijuana buds and other plain forms of marijuana usually have a THC level of about 10 – 20 percent, whereas hash has about 20 percent to 60 percent THC concentration depending on the type.

The high levels of THC are enough to get anyone high from just one hit. This is why it is pretty dangerous to take hash if you are not a regular smoker or just a beginner. The high potency raises the risks of negative experiences such as accidents and eventual addiction.

The female marijuana plant produces Flowers to form the trichomes from which you can make hash. The trichomes are fine growths (tiny hair structures) that will create a sticky and thick resin if left unpollinated for long durations.

These trichomes are responsible for the weed effects, flavours, and aromas you get after consuming some form of weed. Trichomes have more THC concentration than any other part of the marijuana plant, making them the household of the cannabinoids.

You can consume hash by smoking it through dabbing, using a vaporizer or bong, or you can roll it into a blunt and smoke it like regular marijuana. You can also use the hash to make edibles and add them to your beverages to get an intoxicating treat.

The various types of hash include kief, dry sift, hand-rolled or finger hash (also called Indian charas, or just ‘charas’), bubble hash, rosin, and cannabis distillates from solvent extractions. You can smoke these hash types using traditional methods like dabbing, vaping, smoking a joint, or using a bong. However, not all forms of hash can be dabbed or rolled into a joint or spliff.

The best ways of smoking hash (step-by-step)

Smoking a blunt or a joint

The equipment and ingredients you will need for smoking the joint are the hash itself, a marijuana flower, rolling papers, a filter, and a lighter or matchbox. The process is simple since you are essentially rolling a regular joint and adding a sprinkle of hash to the marijuana flower.

Hash is powdery and very fine, making it harder to roll since you will require a lot of hash that may get wasted due to its potency. Moreover, hash does not burn as well as a ground flower, making it a terrible marijuana form to roll and smoke as a joint.

The purpose of hash when smoking a joint is to add to the potency of the rolled joint. Thus, it acts as an additive to make the experience much more potent.

Before you start rolling the joint, you will have to make sure you have grounded the marijuana flower using your grinder. You do not want to roll the flower just like that since you need a fine consistency with no seeds or particulates that will burn unevenly when lit.

A three-chamber or four-chamber grinder is perfect for this process since it will grind your marijuana flower to make the ground flower and store some kief at the bottom compartment. Kief is the fine grains that are sieved and pass through a three or four-chamber to accumulate at the bottom.

The kief consists of fine trichome glands that are highly potent and can be used as your next batch of hash once the chamber is full. Once the marijuana flower has been ground, you can follow the steps below to roll the joint, layer it with hash, and smoke it.

Step-by-step procedure of rolling and smoking a joint:

1.      Use a pre-made filter or tip from smoke shops to hold the joint easily at one end of the tolling paper. You can make the filter from cardboard too. You do not need to use the filters, but it will make rolling the joint easier and not getting burnt when smoking it.

2.      Place the rolling paper on a flat surface and place the filter on one end paying attention to the adhesive side of the rolling paper. Next, fold the paper in half while holding the filter side and place the ground flower in the middle.

3.      Take the hash and sprinkle it on top of the ground flower to layer the marijuana.

4.      Use both of your hands’ fingertips to roll the paper back and forth. Use the filter to hold the paper in place and guide its motion around the marijuana. After the shape has been achieved and the joint is sealed, take the adhesive part and roll it to the furthest end to make a tight wrap.

5.      With some moisture from your tongue, wet the adhesive part and smoothly line it up to seal the joint.

6.      Take out your lighter or matchbox and light your joint. Beware that the hash will increase the potency of the joint, making the marijuana effects much more intense.


Bong comes from the Thai word ‘baung,’ which refers to a bamboo tube used to smoke weed. The bong is essentially a water pipe made of heat-resistant silicone, ceramic, glass, or silicone. The bongs come in different shapes and sizes, but the basic setup consists of a bowl base and an inhaling chamber.

The device usually features a spherical base that has a tube on the side that is loaded with weed and lit to activate the mind-altering drug. The fumes from the marijuana are passed through the water at the spherical base, up through a long tube at the top of the base, into the mouth of the inhaler, which has their mouth at the entrance of the longer tube.

Smoking using a bong is a memorable experience since the amount of weed you can smoke is higher than smoking a joint. But the main reason why we love bongs is that the smoke is much cooler and smoother when compared to smoking directly.

The water in the bong acts as a filter by eliminating the dry heat from the combusted marijuana.  A lot of people believe bongs are safe, which is sadly not true. The water may make you feel like the experience is safer by providing a calmer smoking session, but your body is still ingesting the smoke.

This means that the effects of having smoke in your lungs are still there despite a few bad pieces of stuff getting filtered out.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Start by priming the hash. Priming provides a better experience by warming up the hash on a key or spoon. Proceed to gently apply heat till the hash is crumbly and very soft.
  2. With your ready bong, take the hash and put it in the bowl or sprinkle it on ground marijuana flower that is already in the bowl to add some potency to it.
  3. Make sure to keep the hash in smaller chunks that can help it burn well allowing airflow. If you use bigger sizes of the primed hash then they may prevent airflow and roast in the bowl leading to a huge waste of the product. For a better experience, you can opt to mix small pebbles of hash with the ground marijuana flower in the bowl.

When it comes to bongs, cleanliness is a big concern since ash buildup can prevent airflow and ruin the entire setup and experience. Therefore, it is recommended that you get a glass bong since it will be easier to clean and can give you a better look into how dirty the device is.

Bongs are a great purchase if you like to smoke in the comfort of your own home. They provide an excellent high by giving a lot of fumes. In addition, the heat is absorbed by the water making it more manageable and cooler to inhale larger volumes of the drug. However, if you are looking into convenience and portability, then hash pipes will be your choice.

Hash in a pipe

Hash pipes are convenient and portable due to their sizes. Like the bong, all you will need is the device itself, the hash in a pipe, cannabis flower if you want to top it up with hash, a metal screen if you’re going to smoke hash by itself, and a heat source like a lighter or matchbox. The same method of smoking hash bongs can be applied to hash pipes, bubblers, and bowls.

It is advisable to stick to glass pipes like the bong since they are safer and easier to clean than plastic or ceramic pipes. Plastic hash pipes can have chemicals like phthalates and BPA that cause severe health complications such as cancer. Ensure to clean the pipes and not smoke the weed in a dirty bong or pipe since the inclusions and particulates can harm airflow.

Dab rig or vaporizer

To use a vaporizer or dab rig for smoking, you would need the hash, a blow torch or e-nail, and a dab rig or vaporizer designed to handle the hash concentrate or at least have an adapter that can handle the hash.

Smoking using a dab rig or vaporizer is inconvenient if you have hash in its powdery form. The dab rigs are built to handle a marijuana concentrate that can melt, which means you will have to process the fine hash grains into another form like shatter.

To do this, all you would need is wax paper or parchment paper and a hair straightener. You can opt for a hot water bottle or a machine-press as an alternative to the hair straightener since what you need is heat and pressure.

Take the hash and neatly pack it in a well-folded wax or parchment paper. Make sure not to overfill the paper since an even distribution will help form the hash better. Next, use the hair straightener or the water bottle to apply pressure and heat to the parchment paper on a flat surface.

Do this for about 30 to 60 seconds by rolling the water bottle on the paper or sandwiching the paper between the hair straightener blades. Once the hash has melted under the heat and pressure, put the paper in the freezer and remove it after an hour so that you can easily ply the hash from the paper.

How to smoke hash in a dab rig or vaporizer:

  1. For a vaporizer, all you have to do is place the meltable hash into the chamber and dial the temperature to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Fire it up and inhale through the mouthpiece.
  2. For the dab rig, add water in the water chamber and use a heat source to increase the temperature to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

When the heat is sufficient, use the dab tool to place hash in the hot banger. Next, place the carb cap on over the banger, draw using the mouthpiece, disconnect the carb cap, and proceed to inhale the vapour.

So, what is the ultimate best way to smoke hash

Sprinkling hash on top of a ground flower in a bong, pipe, bubbler, or bowl is the best way of smoking hash when compared to dab rigs, joints, and other methods like hot knives. In addition, the approach is more manageable since it requires fewer processes.

All in all, your choice will boil down to preference and convenience. For example, some may prefer smoking hash in bongs for the cooler smokes, and others may choose hash pipes for their portability.

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