Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep

Best Cannabis Strains for Sleep

Cannabis has been used for millennia for various purposes, but one of the main reasons many people enjoy using cannabis is its calming properties.

Some people claim that cannabis helps to relieve their anxiety and calm them down. As a result, this can help people to sleep better at night.

We all know the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. This can help us to stave off heart disease and a multitude of other health issues.

Getting a good night’s sleep can also help to improve our mental and physical health. Unfortunately, that is not always possible for everyone depending on their life circumstances.

Parents of young children and people working multiple jobs, in particular, often don’t get a good night’s sleep. In addition, many adults are sleep-deprived and find that they do not get the necessary amount of sleep each night.

This is a widespread problem throughout the world, and the supposed solutions to it are many.

Although using cannabis might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the fact is that it may very well help people sleep better at night. Some strains work better than others.

Want to try using cannabis for better sleep? It’s easier said than done, given how many options there are. This article will break down the research and offer ten strains to consider for better sleep.

Hopefully, this article will help to change your life and the quality of your sleep.

10 Cannabis Strains to Try for Sleep and Chronic Insomnia


First, it is crucial to discuss THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This helps produce the high that people get when they consume cannabis by smoking or eating it.

THC and CBD are the main ingredients that people will find in any cannabis strain. THC binds to the CB1 receptors in your brain to produce the high that you will experience.


CBD, or cannabidiol, is the other compound that is present in cannabis. CBD and THC go hand-in-hand, and they have similar effects on your body. In addition, they primarily interact with the nervous system in the same way.

CBD tends to be tolerated well in people, and they usually do not experience any side effects unless they are taking medication that can interact poorly with CBD.

The verdict…

Again, CBD and THC are the main ingredients that you will find in any cannabis product. You can get CBD from gels, oils, gummies, and other cannabis products, whereas THC is the ingredient that makes you feel “high.”

Now that we have clarified one of the most important aspects of cannabis, here are some of the best marijuana strains for inducing sleep.

Hindu Kush

This strain is considered to be an effective sleep aid. Named after the mountain range between Pakistan and Afghanistan, this pure indica strain is a great way to treat insomnia. In addition, it helps people to feel calm after a stressful day and feel sleepy.

Those who tend to suffer from pain, stress disorders, and insomnia particularly enjoy using this indica dominant hybrid to help with falling asleep.

Grandaddy Purple

The Granddaddy Kush strain is another option for people to get deep sleep. It has a great scent and is known for its physical effects.

It contains higher concentrations of THC content and CBD to help people feel relaxed and euphoric, the perfect combination for eliminating insomnia.


Harlequin has a high concentration of CBD, which helps to make people feel a lot more clear-headed after smoking. One of the main reasons people feel that they get insomnia is that their minds are simply working overtime.

Thankfully, this is a great option to help get over that. Many people consider Harlequin to be God’s gift if they experience trouble falling asleep with its sedative properties.

Grape Ape

This is an indica dominant hybrid that is named for its grape scent. The strain in this kush family is especially great for relieving stress, pain, and anxiety, which are issues that many people face in their daily lives.

Girl Scout Cookies

This indica cross hybrid strain comes from OG Kush and Durban Poison. It features a THC level of 19%, which is higher than most others we have covered on this list, so be sure only to use this if you have experience.

It is primarily known for making people have an increased appetite, but the strain is also relaxing, which helps with sleep.

Pink Kush

Here is another strain similar to OG Kush. It has powerful effects, and some studies suggest that it can help with pain, insomnia, and appetite issues, which means that the strain will improve your sleep quality. However, the strain of cannabis is rather potent, so it’s recommended that people consume smaller doses at a time.


ACDC is a CBD-dominant strain of cannabis that has almost no intoxicating effects. Therefore, many people prefer this strain to help them fall asleep or deal with the side effects of chemotherapy and epilepsy.


Here is another hybrid strain that has a balance of sativa and indica to help people experience a high with relaxation.

Many people said that they were able to feel the effects of this rather quickly, so be aware. It is also a popular choice for medical marijuana because it helps with fatigue and insomnia.


Sherbert is known for being incredibly intoxicating, so it’s not the best option for people Who do not have any experience with smoking marijuana.

It has a THC level of 18%. It is also worth keeping in mind that this marijuana strain helps people have better REM sleep, easing sleep disorders.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is another strain that helps people relax and have feelings of euphoria, which allows them to calm down. The strain is also used among medical marijuana patients.

It is especially great for people who have issues with appetite or sleep disorders. However, keep in mind that this strain might not be the best for novices because it is rather potent.

5 Best Cannabis and Indica Strains for an Awesome Night’s Sleep and Chronic Pain

If there is one thing cannabis is known for, it has to be its ability to send you off into a deep slumber. Here are five more excellent strains for that.

5 Best Marijuana Strains for an Awesome Night’s Sleep

The Science Behind Cannabis & Sleep: there is a lot of speculation about the effects of marijuana on our physical and mental health. A lot of people suffer from sleep disorders, and most people experience some sleep deprivation.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests getting at least seven hours of sleep per night, but most people cannot do this for a variety of reasons.

What Do the Studies Say?

Not many studies have been conducted on this. Still, many medical marijuana patients who have some sleep disorder suggest overcoming insomnia when they smoke or otherwise consume cannabis.

According to some physicians, cannabis can help improve your sleep cycle and restore it, as it is common for people to have disrupted sleep cycles given their busy life schedules. In addition, as we know, marijuana can have some anti-anxiety effects, and it can help people feel more relaxed.

THC, in particular, is known for helping people to sleep better. However, it does decrease your REM sleep, which means that you will have fewer dreams. However, if you do not dream as much when you sleep, you will have a deeper sleep.

This can also help people who experience PTSD because they will not experience as many nightmares. But some studies suggest that using marijuana to sleep regularly can have a negative impact on your sleep.

So, only try to use marijuana for a short period if you regulate your sleep schedule. Also, be aware of the medical marijuana laws for where you live because it is still not legalized everywhere. You will also want to consider the CBD and the THC content because some of the more potent strains might not be the best for new smokers.

Some doctors suggest that strains with higher than 20% THC can make you feel sleepier the next day.

With all that in mind, here are five more options to consider if you are looking for a good cannabis strain to help with sleep:

  1. Tahoe OG Kush – The Stay at Home Strain
  2. Purple Kush (The Pain-Relieving King)
  3. God’s Gift (The Dreamy Strain)
  4. Critical Kush (The Therapeutic Strain)
  5. Northern Lights (The Legendary Strain)

Final Thoughts on Marijuana & Sleep

To conclude, it’s essential to be aware of the different effects that cannabis can have on your body. For example, you need to be mindful of the THC content and any cannabis strain because it can affect different people in different ways.

However, some cannabis users suggest that cannabis is a great way to help save off sleep disorders and regulate your natural sleep cycle. So it may be worth a shot if you are unable to sleep well at night anymore.

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