The Best Sativa Strains in Canada

The Best Sativa Strains in Canada

Do you want an uplifting, energetic, and productive high? Then look no further than the Sativa strains. Sativa is the most popular cannabis strain after hybrid strains such as Gelato, Purple Punch, and OG Kush, also known as Premium OG Kush.

The Sativa strains are differentiated from other strains based on cannabinoid chemicals like THC and CBD, responsible for marijuana recreational and medicinal uses. In addition, other chemicals such as terpenes are also well-considered since they are responsible for the smell and aroma of a given cannabis species and strain.

We will examine how Sativa strains differentiate themselves from other marijuana strains and what makes them unique among weed lovers. We will also dive into the benefits of the Sativa plant in terms of recreational and medicinal use to help you know why the plant is so unique. Finally, we will choose the best Sativa strain based on the popularity, effects, and potency.

What are weed strains and how many are there?

The cannabis plant is divided into two main species or types. We call them Sativa and Indica or Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica in scientific terms. There is another type of Cannabis ruderalis, but it is less common and is less often used.

These two types are called species of the main cannabis plant. They both have various strains/varieties under them that are developed and genetically bred by growers to bring out multiple properties of the plant. In addition, some growers perform genetic modifications to differentiate the strains to market them to the masses.

Despite the reason for forming the various strains, the growers are the ones who choose the names of the best Sativa strains based on their properties (colour, smell, taste, and origin). Some growers choose slang names or pop culture references like Moby Dick to give the strains personality and popularity.

Cannabis sativa is known for its energetic effects that stimulate the body and improve productivity, whereas cannabis indica is known for its calming, relaxing, and insomnia-reducing effects. Their differences may make them seem very different, but they have many common properties in their chemical composition.

This makes it hard to differentiate the two based on how they feel since there are many common effects. With that said, growers and scientists in the industry have chosen to categorize the ‘strains’ of these two species based on their THC and CBD content.

THC is short for tetrahydrocannabinol, and CBD stands for cannabidiol. THC is the psychoactive compound that gets you high by providing mind-altering effects. On the other hand, CBD does not cause any mind-altering effects but acts as a calming and relaxing compound that can help reduce ailments like seizures and migraines.

Therefore, when looking for the best Sativa strains, you should focus more on the THC, CBD, terpene, and other cannabinoid content rather than the name. Two different strains of Sativa can have the same effects or varying effects; it all depends on the grower.

What is unique about Sativa strains?

Sativa is a cannabis species located in hot and dry climates like Africa, Western Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central America. The Sativa plants are identified by their low levels of CBD and high concentration of THC. The high THC levels make Sativa a tremendous strain for getting the mind-altering high that energizes you and reduces anxiety.

Effects of the drug may be different from user to user, but a shared experience is that the best Sativa tends to make you feel more productive, creative, and energetic instead of passive and relaxed. The Sativa strains also promote sociability and activity, making them suitable for daytime use, unlike the indica strains.

The Sativa plant is well grown to provide a stimulating effect which has helped it become the most popular marijuana strain. Some of its popular variants include the Panama Red, Durban Poison, and Acapulco Gold which we will discuss in detail.

Scientifically known as Cannabis sativa L., the Sativa plant is thin and tall (sometimes grows taller than 12 -25 feet) and has finger-like leaves. The Sativa plant takes a longer time to reach maturity than other species strains, with a long flowering time of up to 12 weeks. Additionally, Sativa plants need more light than different strains for them to grow and reach maturity.

The best Sativa strains can be genetically modified with indica strains to produce hybrid strains like Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, and Train wreck. The hybrids can have balanced quantities of the two or have many indica properties (indica dominant) or Sativa properties (Sativa dominant). The parent material will contribute the most properties, which will dictate the colour of the plant and cannabinoid content.

Many users prefer hybrid strains since they bring the best of both worlds by providing effects from the two cannabis species. Furthermore, hybrids are made to eliminate the harmful effects of sativa and indica by maximizing their strengths and none of their weaknesses.

How Sativa is different from Indica

Sativa strains boast more THC content than CBD, while indica strains have less THC than sativa regardless of the CBD content. This is the main difference between the two since the different effects can have some overlapping experiences. The notable difference in Sativa vs. indica is that Sativa stimulates energetic feelings, and indica promotes a relaxation feeling.

The Sativa strains are found in hot and dry climates in Africa, Asia, and Central America. In contrast, the indica strains come from harsh and turbulent regions with dry environments like Turkey, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and the Hindu Kush mountains.

Indica is perfect for nighttime use since the relaxation feeling helps in reducing stress, anxiety and acts as a great sleeping agent for those who have insomnia. The Sativa strains are called daytime marijuana since their energetic effects make them great for activities and socializing.

Another difference is in the way the plants look. The Indica plant is shorter than the Sativa plant and has chunky leaves that are broad. Sativa plants are taller and greener but grow slower than the Indica plants, which rise faster and produce more buds.

The benefits of a Sativa Strain

When you think of high THC, the first thing that comes to mind is fun, and exhilarating highs meant to get rid of the mundane feelings. However, Sativa strains do still have CBD, which is the main ingredient in medicinal marijuana.

If you want the health benefits of the cannabis Sativa species, then you will have to look for a strain with a lot of CBD content. The CBD content in combination with high THC levels makes for a great relief drug that can be used to ease certain medical conditions.

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental ailments that a lot of people face. However, about half of the people who suffer from anxiety disorders also suffer from depression and other related conditions.

Users of the cannabis Sativa strain have reported how the mood-lifting effects of the strains can help reduce feelings of sadness and depression. As a result, many have opted to take the drug rather than prescribed medications that often cause addictions and have severe side effects and withdrawal symptoms.

However, any medicinal use of marijuana has to be taken under the instruction of a physician. Moreover, it is recommended to keep taking your prescribed medications since the long-term effects of marijuana are not well understood.

The 6 best Sativa Strains in the world today

1. Jack Herer

Jack Herer, like the name states, was named after a famous marijuana activist called Jack Herer. Jack Herer was also an author who wrote the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. The strain is also referred to as JH, The Jack, Platinum Jack, and Premium Jack. The strain is Sativa dominated with THC levels of between 15 to 24 percent and a CBD concentration of less than 1 percent.

Thi sativa strain was created in the Netherlands in the 1990s by a cultivator called Sensi Seeds, who combined other hybrids, including Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. His work results are a strain that is rich in spicy aromas and provides a cerebral relaxation feeling. However, this strain is not unique since many other Sativa strains offer a creative and blissful feeling.

However, what sets Jack Herer from other Sativa strains and Sativa hybrids is its cooling effect. Users with lung-related issues prefer Jack Herer since the cooling effect helps relieve the pain from their lungs when smoking.

Jack Herer has become world-famous due to the many awards it has received. The recognition is based on its high potency, quality, spicy nature, and properties that make it suitable for medicinal use. You can grow the strain indoors or outdoors in sunny or Mediterranean regions.

2. Durban Poison

Durban Poison originated from South Africa and is beneficial in giving you an uplifting but yet relaxing feeling. The flavour of this pure Sativa strain is comparable to the notes of vanilla, lemon, cream, spices, and oranges. It is commonly used in the medicinal industry to relieve chronic pain and help people deal with the loss of appetite and nausea. It can also help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression.

This Sativa strain has a THC concentration between 17 to 26 percent and a CBD concentration of less than 1 percent, like the famous Jack Herer. This Sativa strain is also great for sparking creative activities, which have made a name for it as the most energizing marijuana strain of all time.

The Sativa strain is characterized by the vast resin glands that make it a good selection for creating cannabis concentrates and extracts. In addition, the leaves of the Durban Poison are covered by a thick coating of many trichomes. Trichomes have a higher THC content than any other part of the marijuana plant, making the Durban Poison an excellent choice for those who want to get a lot of THC heavy concentrate.

3. Hawaiian Snow

Like the Durban Poison, Hawaiian Snow is a pure Sativa strain, which only has cannabis Sativa properties. The Sativa strain was made by combining Purple Haze, Neville’s Haze, and Hawaiian Haze. The result of this cross germination is a strain with a high THC content of around 18 – 24 percent on average.

The Hawaiian Snow strain starts altering your mind by providing a stimulating head high, but you will begin to space out and get lost in your thoughts over a few hours. It is also great for creativity purposes, and it will boost your energy only to end up leaving you unfocused after a few hours.

The dreamy effects of the strain make it a good choice for those who want to treat their chronic anxiety and stress. You can also use it for chronic fatigue and depression-related conditions. In addition, some users have noted how the strain can help reduce inflammation, lessen nausea, and help anorexia patients with their eating ailments.

4. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is famous for its pungent smell that reminds you of lemon, skunk, and Diesel (hence Sour Diesel). The scent is strong, making it one of the less tasty Sativa strains you will ever use. The Sativa strain is a cross between Super Skunk and Chemdawg.

Like other Sativa strains, the Sour Diesel provides an uplifting feeling that makes you feel more productive, creative, and energetic instead of lazy and relaxed. Sour Diesel also promotes sociability and activity, making it an excellent option for those suffering from mood disorders like anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Fun fact: Sour Diesel is a great strain to smoke in the morning. The only downside would be the smell, but if you work from home, this can be a tremendous cerebral energy booster to promote your creativity in those early mornings when you feel mentally exhausted.

After approximately ten weeks, Sour Diesel flowers are grown indoors and flowers in early November if it is grown outdoors. It grows best in outdoor environments that feature dry climates. The THC levels of this strain are between 17 and 26 percent, with a CBD concentration of less than 1 percent.

5. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze crosses several other strains, including Haze, Afghani, Southeast Asian, and Hawaiian landrace. The complex cross of these four strains makes the Amnesia Haze a unique strain that holds many properties from its parent strains. Due to this complex cross, Amnesia Haze has fewer adverse effects from its parent strains and maximizes all their strengths to form a strain that has a cool and refreshing high.

The flavours in this strain are comparable to lemon, piney tastes, citrus, and earthy tastes. You will feel a very relaxing feeling when you smoke the Amnesia Haze, and you will often get a burst of energy with spikes of uncontrolled laughter and feelings of euphoria. The THC levels of this strain are between 13.5 and 24 percent, with a CBD concentration of less than 1 percent.

Amnesia Haze grows better near the equator due to the extended warm and sunny days. The tropical Sativa genetics make this strain abundant in Southern Spain, California, Northern Australia, and Northern Africa. The Amnesia Haze strain expresses the dominant Sativa genetics and tends to stretch substantially, even when put on a 12-12 lighting regime, straight out of the cloning cupboard.

6. Green Crack

Last but not least, Green Crack.

This is where the power of the name is more captivating than the actual Sativa strain itself. Did you know this strain was named by none other than Snoop Dogg himself? Snoop Dogg called it Green Crack, changing its name from “Cush,” its original name. He named it after sampling the strain and realizing that it gave the best of what the cannabis Sativa strain had to offer.

Some may object to the name due to its stigma to weed consumption, but most like it because it speaks to its effectiveness. For example, you can find Green Crack with high THC concentrations that reach up to 35 percent, but the average typical THC concentration is between 18 percent and 24 percent.

It can bring about psychedelic-like effects, which include audio and visual distortions. You will also experience time dilation, which makes it great for daytime use. The downside to Green Crack is it does not have any substantial medicinal benefits due to its very high THC content. Moreover, it does not have any relaxing effects, making it a wrong choice for nighttime use.

The plant can grow outdoor if constant sunlight and temperatures range from 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is preferable to grow Green Crack indoors since you can control many conditions that facilitate its growth. In addition, green crack is one of the fastest-growing Sativa strains with a short maturity age of around 7 to 8 weeks.

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