The Best Edibles in Canada

The Best Edibles in Canada

Cannabis edibles are getting more popular in Canada. Weed edibles have some significant advantages, which is why they are beloved by Canadian cannabis users.

  • Weed edibles are a combination of cannabis and sweets. Sweet lovers appreciate these delicious treats.
  • When you are hungry, they easily fill your stomach.
  • Marijuana edibles don’t harm your lungs.
  • The high from marijuana edibles last longer.

If you are not informed about the best edibles in Canada, then you can learn more here. We will discuss everything you need to know about what cannabis edibles are, how to use them, how to buy edibles online in Canada, the strongest edibles in Canada, and the proper dosage for weed edibles.

Note: Producing and selling cannabis edibles for recreational purposes is legal in Canada from October 17, 2019. Weed edibles have a dosage restriction of 10mg THC content per portion. Strong edibles are also available in Canada for medical purposes with a dosage of up to 1000mg THC per portion.

One advantage to online dispensaries is offering strong edibles online, which you can’t get in stores.

Popular Edible Products and the Best Brands in Canada

Here are the criteria that make edibles companies considered the best:

  • Companies with high ratings and reputation for the product quality and the offered value.
  • Experience in the art of edibles.
  • Proven marketing strategy and experience.

Remember, it’s essential to buy edibles products from trustworthy brands with many recommendations.

In addition, the companies that are focused on THC/CBD weed edibles are considered the best edible brands. So, always buy edibles manufactured with the best quality weed. And trust the brands that offer lab-tested weed edibles. Many dispensaries in Canada offer delicious and good-looking homemade edibles but pay attention as they sometimes may have unknown dosages. So, always buy your weed edibles from the brands with many recommendations.

Today, there is a huge variety of weed edibles in Canada, and every recreational or medical user wants to try the new products. But still, the best-liked and popular weed edible products are:

  • Chocolates;
  • Cookies;
  • Brownies;
  • Gummies;
  • Candies.

Usually, to make weed edibles, producers fill the cannabis into a portion of food. For example, baked edibles also contain cannabis oils or butter. To make chocolate or gummies, producers infuse pure THC or CBD into a gummy or chocolate base.

You will feel the effects of cannabis edibles more slowly than when you are smoking. Usually, it takes about half an hour to an hour and a half to feel the effects of THC. Also, the effects of these edibles last longer than smoking. The THC effects last from 3 to 8 hours.

What will you feel? After consuming weed edibles, you will feel a burst of energy and creativity. Also, using cannabis edibles will make you feel happy and relaxed. THC edibles are a fantastic choice to feel relaxed if you consume them in proper doses.

Best 6 Weed Edible Brands in Canada

Here are the top-rated and recommended flower edible brands in Canada, which are popular because of their reputation and availability in the market. They. They offer lab-tested products to their users.

1. Sweet Jane Edibles Canada

Sweet Jane is a cannabis extract brand established in Vancouver in 2016. Also, it’s Canada’s award-winning weed edible brand.

2. Mary’s Medibles

Mary’sOne of Canada’s best cannabis edibles brands provides lab-tested marijuana for pharmaceutical and medical purposes.

3. Mota Edibles Canada

This brand carefully grows excellent quality cannabis on Vancouver Island and offers consumers different cannabis-infused products.

4. Twisted Extracts

This brand provides cannabis and confection high-quality products for recreational and medical purposes.

5. High Dose Gummies Canada

High Dose Canadian brand offers the strongest edibles with THC for recreational purposes and the medical cannabis market.

6. Zen Leafs

This brand provides the best CBD in Canada. High-quality products with specific cannabinoids optimize your wellness and health.

15 Best Edibles Canada Has

1. Milk Chocolate Cube by Mota

Milk Chocolate Cube produced by Mota is a tasty weed edible containing 600 mg THC per package. This chocolate bar has portion divisions, making it easier to consume the needed doses of cannabinoids.

Every milk chocolate square contains 66.6 mg of THC. This strong edible can be an excellent choice for those who need THC-rich edibles.

Pay attention while using this product, as in some cases, you have to divide the milk chocolate squares and use them later. You can also try Mota’s cherry chocolate bar that contains higher THC concentrate.

MOTA chocolate is one of the best strong edibles, and MOTA itself is a must when ordering weed edibles online.

2. Fudge Brownie by Mary’s Edibles

If you are a high-dosage patient and you’re looking for one of the strongest edibles, then the Fudge Brownie by Mary’s edibles are the ideal choice. However, this brownie contains 140 mg THC. Therefore, it’s preferable to divide it and use it in smaller portions.

This brownie doesn’t contain much sugar, and it is very delicious. Though the chocolate taste dominates, some users still feel the aftertaste of cannabis after using it.

3. Gummy Bears by Ganja Edibles

These Gummy Bears are available in different flavours: strawberry, orange, watermelon, apple, lemon-lime, black cherry, and blue raspberry. Ten gummies are included in one pack, and one gummy contains 15 mg THC.

What’s important is that all the terpenes of the cannabis flower exist in these Gummy Bears. So to feel the effect of terpenes, Ganja Edibles reintroduced them in their gummies.

4. Budtella Hazelnut Spread THC / Sweet n Delicious

If you like baking or cooking THC-filled cookies, then the Budtella Hazelnut Spread can be your best choice. Also, you can use this product to dip your typical sweets in a lovely cannabis-containing hazelnut spread.

The taste of the Budtella is quite similar to the authentic ones. But remember that 300 mg THC exists in a jar of Budtella.

5. Gummy Candies by Aura Edibles

Only organic ingredients exist in these Gummy Candies. Hibiscus flower and turmeric flower enhance the flavour of the gummies, and beet powder and annatto seed are used to get the product’s colour.

Each pack contains four gummies. There is a 50 mg THC dosage in one gummy. You can divide the gummies into portions to use over a long time.

6. The Chocolate Bombon by Green Island Naturals

The Chocolate Bombon is one of the most delicious and strongest edibles in Canada. This product doesn’t differ from any artisan’s chocolate and is made from organic cannabis.

Every Bombon consists of 100 mg of THC. So you have to divide them and use them separately. Don’t forget to have a 45-minute break between 2 portions.

Also, there is no added sugar in this product, so you can eat sweets without consuming many calories.

7. Jelly Bombs by Twisted Extracts

These are fruit gummies with cherry, mango, apple, and orange flavours. The Jelly Bombs come in 8 per pack, and every jelly contains 10 mg THC.

These edibles are produced with sativa-dominant cannabis. The result is the user’s experience of laughter, a burst of energy, and creative moments.

8. Edibles Canada

These are handmade strong edibles with eight tasty flavours of Sour Mango, Sour Watermelon, Cherry, Apple, and others. In addition, Edibles Canada manufactures THC-infused gummies that Mail Order Marijuana producesMail Order Marijuana produces. You can buy these gummies with THC: CBD and Sativa: Indica ratios.

One package of Edibles Canada contains eight gummies and 400 mg THC or another extract, depending on your choice. So, there is 50 mg of THC per gummy. If you’re a beginner, then start using a quarter of each edible. Advanced consumers can use half an edible for a strong edibles experience.

9. Mystic Medibles

These are lab-tested medical products with all-natural components blended with premium cannabis strains for the strongest entourage effect. A pack contains six gummy tablets with 30 mg of THC per gummy.

You can buy them in 6 lovely flavours: Cola Blast, Gummy Bears, Sour Keys, Grape Shock, Watermelon Sour, and Peach Buzzy’s.

10. Hazelnut Crunch CannaBar by Baked Edibles

The Crunch bar is a delicious THC-infused marijuana chocolate bar. The Hazelnut Crunch CannaBar is created using fair-trade hazelnut chocolate and contains cannabis and hazelnut pieces. The bar has 15 pieces. One-piece contains 10 mg of THC distillate.

11. Gummy Candies by Tetra Bites

The Gummy Candies by Tetra Bites are ideal edibles for beginner marijuana users. They are produced with natural flavours. You can buy orange, mango, pineapple, strawberry, licorice, or a mixed fruit package.

These gummies are available with 10 or 30 mg of THC distillate per candy, and a package contains four gummies.

12. Sneakers THC by Herbivores Edibles

The Sneakers THC is a chocolate bar very close to the world-known Snickers. Sneakers THC is marijuana edible produced with 2 bars in every pack. This strong edible contains 50 mg of THC distillate per bar.

13. THC Cotton Candy by Mota

THC Cotton Candy is a fantastic choice for sweet lovers. It tastes delicious. The high from this edible makes the time pass slowly. After using this, you have to sit down.

The package of cotton candy contains 180 mg of THC.

14. White Chocolate Coconut Cream Cookies / Sweet Jane Edibles

The White Chocolate Coconut Cream Cookies are the best for flower consumers who are fond of white chocolate. Every package consists of 2 cookies, and there is 75 mg THC in one cookie.

Sweet Jane’s strong edible cookies aren’t very sweet, but they are rich with coconut flavour.

15. Medibles Cookies by Mary’s Edibles

Medibles Cookies are one of the strongest medical edible products with high THC doses. The cookie contains 140 mg or 300 mg of THC in a portion. Be careful when consuming this product. If you are not used to strong edibles, you have to start with small doses.

Best Online Dispensary to Buy Edibles Online

Here are some of the most trusted and verified best six online dispensaries if you want to buy edibles online in Canada.

High Glow Co.

We are biased, but we have some of the best edibles online in Canada, available with a great selection. Our mail-order marijuana dispensary is ideal to buy high-quality BC craft cannabis, weed edibles & baked goods, mushrooms, and different concentrates at the best price. You can also find premium class lab-tested CBD products, a great selection of luxury CBD products. Our online dispensary has an excellent reputation for trust and value. We offer fast coast-to-coast shipping in Canada. We feature products that are grown and collected from British Columbia’s popular craft growers and producers.

High Glow Co. is the place to order edibles online; baked goods, strong edibles, tinctures, CBD and other cannabis-infused goodies. Visit our online dispensary to check out our full selection.

Final Thoughts

The cannabis edibles industry is skyrocketing in the Canadian market. Today, many cannabis consumers have a fantastic opportunity to select the best products they need with excellent quality at affordable prices.

In this article, we presented the best edibles Canada list. In addition, we discussed everything you have to know about the best edibles in Canada, how to buy them, what brands are trustworthy, how to consume marijuana edibles if you are a beginner, how to take the proper dose, and other related questions.

So, be careful while using cannabis edibles. Be sure to:

  • Buy your edibles from trusted and highly recommended brands.
  • Make sure your edible is lab-tested to get the safest experience.
  • Remember that it may take a while to feel the THC effects.
  • Don’t forget to have a break (30 minutes or more) after using cannabis edibles and before consuming another portion of edibles.

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