The Best Dispensary in Toronto

The Best Dispensary in Toronto

The process of legalization changed cannabis dispensaries in Canada and caused some issues in selling cannabis. But now, things seem to be going great, and you can get your hands on some buds pretty easily in Toronto.

In this article, we found the best dispensaries in Toronto. From now on, it will be much easier to buy high-quality cannabis in Canada. Just read the article and decide where to get your favourite weed products in the GTA.

Best 20 Dispensaries in Toronto

The Toronto Dispensary

Address: 334 Queen St. West

The Toronto Dispensary requires becoming a registered consumer. Then, you can buy the product you need.

It remained open after the legalization process. This dispensary offers indica, sativa, and hybrid flower strains in Toronto. Also, you can check several concentrate options here.


Address: 1522 Queen St. West

Sprout is considered one of the best Dispensaries in Toronto. It is located in the center of Parkdale, one of the city’s most beloved places.

You can find a unique selection of flowers in this dispensary in Toronto, which continued to serve its consumers after the legalization process.


Address: 480 Queen St. West

ZenZoo was rich with different kinds of flowers, edibles, pre-rolls, concentrates, and hashish before the legalization process.

Now, the dispensary is known for its exclusive CBD products. Located on one of Toronto’s most beautiful streets, ZenZoo is considered a boutique than a dispensary.


Addresses: 104 Harbord Street

66 Fort York Boulevard

CAFÉ 66 is one of the leading dispensaries in Toronto. It also operates as a coffee shop and speakeasy.

CAFÉ 66 is a beautiful place for those who value excellent quality cannabis and coffee. Two dispensaries are located in downtown Toronto. You will encounter excellent customer service and fantastic options for marijuana products like edibles, strains, tinctures, and other products.


1Tonamara or Spadina Medical is located not far from the Kensington Market, considered one of the great places to smoke in Toronto.

After the legalization process, 1Tonamara continues selling plants and offers a large selection of CBD and THC products, concentrates, edibles, flower strains, pre-rolls, and tinctures.

THISEL Cannabis

Address: 192 Queens Quay E.

Thisel Cannabis dispensary is located in the trendy and modern Sugar Beach District of Toronto, also called Bayfront.

They offer everything concerning weed products: flower strains, concentrates, and many others.

This dispensary has an online order service and free delivery, so it will be easier to get your product fast without going there.

Purple Haze

Address: 75 Manual Street

Located in downtown Toronto, Purple Haze is one of the best. You can check the best products here; they offer flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, beverages, vapes, and oil.

Curated cannabis is also available in this store. You can buy the best hand-selected cannabis products.

You can also make an online order and then pick your product up right from the dispensary.

Canna Cabana

Address: 435B Yonge Street

Canna Cabana is located on Yonge Street and is surrounded by a welcoming neighbourhood. However, this isn’t an ordinary weed dispensary. Here, you can find everything if you want to get the most out of your visit.

It’s a great place to enjoy your weekend and try the fantastic range of cannabis edibles Canna Cabana offers. You can find a selection of sweet gummies, different types of THC chocolate, and tasty THC beverages on the menu. The Cabana crew will help you to choose the best edibles suitable to your preferences.

Canna Cabana also offers a fantastic variety of smoking accessories: pipes, bongs, vaporizers, and rolling papers.

Value Buds Cannabis

Address: 499 Queen St. W

Value Buds is located on Queen Street in Toronto. This dispensary is one of the newest brands in Toronto, which offers low-price and high-price recreational marijuana products.

The Value Buds aims to make the cannabis experience affordable for consumers.

Meta Cannabis Supply Co.

Address: 79 Front Street East

Meta Cannabis Supply Co. is located on Front Street in Toronto, and there are lots of great restaurants downtown nearby. As well, St. Lawrence Market is also in the vicinity of the Meta Cannabis Supply Co.

This dispensary offers its consumers a large variety of high-quality weed products. In addition, various THC edibles, pre-rolled joints, and different smoking accessories are available in the dispensary.

You can buy the products online if you cannot visit the Meta Cannabis Supply Co. in the city.


Address: 244 Queen St W

Bonnefire is located on Queen Street.

This store is one of the newer brands in Toronto, aiming to provide the best service and cannabis products in the area.

Bonnefire dispensary offers a curated variety of cannabis products: connoisseur flower, high-end edibles, and concentrates.

Bonnefire is considered a top-of-the-line offering dispensary in Toronto.

My Quads

Address: 566 Bloor Street West

My Quads dispensary offers premium quality quads in Toronto. This store also has different types of CBD and THC weed products.

In addition, My Quads is also a pot delivery service in Toronto. They deliver weed products within the same day.

They respond very fast to your call or text orders and deliver them to your door.

One Plant Kensington

Address: 241 Augusta Avenue

One Plant is considered the first licensed recreational weed dispensary opened in the heart of Kensington Market in Toronto.

The highly trained staff of One Plant provides outstanding service for customers. In addition, the dispensary offers a huge variety of cannabis products and pot accessories.

One Plant’s primary approach is contributing to local causes.

Tokyo Smoke

Address: 333 Yonge Street

The Tokyo Smoke dispensary on Yonge Street offers consumers a great range of cannabis and cannabis-related products: flowers, edibles, beverages, vapes, pre-rolls, topicals, oils, extracts, sprays, capsules, and many others.

They provide ‘click and collect,’ so you can pick up your order in about 5 minutes. Also, it offers intent categories with THC and CBD strains. They are GO, EQUALIZE, RISE, PAUSE, and EASE.

The educated staff will help you to make the best choice suitable for your needs.

The House of Cannabis

Address: 244 King Street East

The House of Cannabis in Old Town Toronto is education-oriented. It is one of the newest and most modern dispensaries in the city. The goal of this dispensary is to lead the charge against negative associations concerning cannabis. The House of Cannabis makes cannabis consuming educational, affordable, and interactive. The environment makes you feel at home.

You can find the best cannabis brands’ products here; an extensive collection of cannabis goods are waiting for you!

The House of Cannabis also welcomes you in Chinatown, 404 Spadina Avenue in Toronto.

Wonderland Cannabis

Address: 1578 Queen Street East

“Wonderland isn’t a place- but a state of mind.” This dispensary is one of the newest ones in Toronto and aims to create a wonderland atmosphere for consumers.

Wonderland will provide you with an uncommon cannabis experience-feelings of curiosity and wonder. In addition, they offer high-quality cannabis products that are carefully cultivated.

Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique

Address: 294 Danforth Avenue

Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique aims to become the best legal cannabis dispensary in the country. This dispensary offers marijuana products at the best prices in Toronto, and you can also enjoy their fantastic service.

The budtenders are ready to help you. There is a rosin press so you can make fresh rosin from your cannabis.

The Green Merchant Cannabis Boutique organizes different events, fantastic discounts, and sales promotions.

If you are not a cannabis consumer, you can watch art displays from native artists and enjoy indoor swings.

The dispensary is located near Riverdale Park East and the Danforth Music Hall.


Address: 49 Spadina Avenue

Superette in Toronto offers a great selection of recreational products. In addition, this licensed dispensary has a fantastic location between the fashion and entertainment districts in Toronto.

Visit and enjoy the best cannabis products at Superette!

Dolly’s Cannabis

Address: 1105 Bathurst Street

Dolly’s Cannabis is licensed & offers specialized cannabis products of different types and many accessories to consumers.

You will find high-quality products for both recreation and health. Dolly’s Cannabis has an online page where you can find detailed information about the products to save time. There is no need to do additional research. Also, you can place online orders. 

Hi Class Cannabis

Address: 527 Eglinton Avenue West

Hi Class Cannabis is Ontario’s first authorized legal marijuana shop and offers a great variety of expertly curated and high-quality cannabis products to consumers.

This dispensary also has same-day delivery within the city, and you can place your order online.

Final Thoughts

This article introduces you to the best selection of legalized and licensed dispensaries in Toronto.

To get the best products and accessories, visit one of the dispensaries mentioned above or order from them online. Also, these dispensaries have an excellent staff ready to help you choose the right product suitable for you.

You can also use our website for weed mail orders across Canada.

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