Best Bongs Under $100

Best Bongs Under $100

Many of our cheap glass bongs for sale are made of thick, high-quality borosilicate glass so they can withstand the heat and a little love. However, if you don’t like silicone and want a cheap glass bong with a slightly more distinct character, check out our cheap mini bongs, which usually use less glass and have a broader range of colours and designs. Materials – Cheap glass bongs are typically small, often mini bongs, primarily if the high-quality glass is used.

The significant advantage of cheap bongs is that they have far fewer pieces or crevices to maintain yet are made of thick glass that resists shattering. Glass thickness is very important when buying a new bong, and this item will not disappoint. 

This 12″ thick glass bong with a coloured rod has a classic glass design but is made from 9mm thick glass. This bong cup is made from thick scientific glass; this bong cup features an expanding mouthpiece, an ice trap, an elegant straight silhouette, and a fixed 45-degree stem with a lock. This beautifully designed bong is durable thick glass that allows you to see bubbles and accumulate smoke. This 10-inch iridescent bong works like a standard glass bong.

This 13 ” tall glass water bong is beautifully crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass with a translucent glossy veneer to allow chrome vibrations to flow; buyers are thrilled that the beautiful design paired with super-heavy hits make it seem a lot more expensive than it is. An absolute favourite, the rainbow bong is incredible and powerful – but it looks like you should have paid more. 

The Bong is sure to deliver some powerful hits that can chill with ice for a chilling effect. While this is a reasonably cheap bong, it has some high-end features like a filtrate rod for better smoke dispersion and a built-in icebreaker to keep your bangs cool. This bong is excellent for anyone looking for a durable and straightforward cannabis smoke item. 

This bong checks all the boxes with 5mm glass and a foot high. It is suitable for both strokes and flowers and has a few extra filters, thus being compatible with colours and concentrates. 

This item comes with a bowl attachment, high-quality percolation, travel perfect size, a regular size that fits bong and bud attachments and hits very well. Additionally, it is equipped with a borosilicate glass beaker base and silver plated.

This model is available in pink or smoky glass with a diffuse perk on the bottom. The glass tubes are transparent, and the finished bongs will have a crisp design unless the artist decides to add colour. Glassmakers can add some colours to the Pyrex glass to make it stand out more than standard bongos. Artists can use coloured glass tubes to create their water pipe and then turn it inside out or paint the surface to make the entire pyrex bong in full colour.

You can find the glass bongs at any store where you are, but you cannot find one unique with a rainbow orange matte design. This bong is classic in every meaningful way, with a touch of artistic personality. The curved neck and round mouthpiece make this bong even more attractive.

Sometimes bongs come with a male hinge and male bowl ideal for smoking dry herbs, but these items often offer the opportunity to upgrade to a feminine accessory that allows you to smoke oils and concentrates. More sophisticated bongs usually made of Pyrex glass have built-in percolators.

The principle of this straight bong is that the smoke sinks into the water that starts to spread. The bottom is a tiny glass tube lowered into the water, held in the bong’s base.

This thin under $ 100 glass bong has a removable diffuser bottom that creates a cooling and oozing every time for quality inhalation. It is equipped with two 8-arm percolators so that your smoke diffuses at the perfect level, and a pinch of ice is included in this bong to cool the smoke even more.

This 18-gauge straight glass tube bong by UPC has 5mm of glass all over, making it a very durable bong for under $ 100. Thick Glass – Thick or high-quality glass is a great bong feature to look out for if you look for products made to high-quality standards, or you risk breaking the bong with any light touch.

Many companies make bongos, but not all take the necessary steps to produce a quality glass product. So don’t twist – just because they are available does not mean that they lack quality. Whether it’s the quality of the product, the glassblower or the company that made the bong or the size of the bong, the price of these hookahs is out of reach for many smokers.

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